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A wind turbine assembly includes a wind turbine 18 mounted in a head 16, the wind turbine driving, via a gear box 22, an air compressor 24, 25, the inlet 26 of which is arranged to withdraw air from the vicinity of the blades of the turbine 18 to improve the efficiency of the turbine. The compressed ...

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A pulverizer for pulverizing solid material such as coal in which the chmaber of the pulverizer has jets of fluid projected thereinto at high speed to cause the particles to impact against one another to effect the pulverizing and in which a sleeve is mounted within the pulverizer chamber so that th ...

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A filtering method and apparatus including a chamber having an inlet and an outlet and a mass of fibers interposed between the inlet and outlet and contained between a perforated base and piston. Structure is provided for reciprocating the piston relative to the base during backwash operation.

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A wind turbine for a wind turbine electrical generator set in which movable nose portions are located at or adjacent the leading edge of the blade and at or adjacent the tip of the blade but is dispaceable purely longitudinally of the blade, i.e. radially outwardly of the blade, from the normal retr ...

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A wind turbine having the tips of the blades pivotable to a position in which they act as brakes to slow the turbine down. The pivoting is caused by relative axial movement of the tip and main blade portions which is caused by the action of a spring. The spring action is normally overcome by a hydra ...

Max Bassett: Pipeline safety joint. James Howden & Company, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, August 25, 1987: US04688827 (11 worldwide citation)

A pipeline safety joint to provide a controlled weakness in a pipeline in which a pair of tubular mandrels are connectable to first and second pipe-ends. A portion of the first mandrel of a pair is insertable in a part of the other and a latch mechanism is provided on said portion engageable with th ...

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A bearing, particularly a heavy duty bearing, in which lubrication is effected by lubricant being picked up on a disc (27,28) mounted on the bearing shaft (21), the disc having, at its periphery, an axially extending ring (35) on the inner and outer surface of which the lubricant forms a film. Durin ...

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Pulverizing apparatus comprising a generally cylindrical vessel (11), feed means (16) for feeding the material to be pulverized into said vessel, a plurality of circumferentially spaced fluid injection nozzles (24) each angled between a radius of the cylindrical vessel passing through the nozzles an ...

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An axial flow fan with adjustable blades 18 has a spindle 16 for each blade mounted in a hub rim 12. Each spindle has associated therewith a replaceable cartridge 58 having a thrust bearing 70 therein and spaced radial bearings 64, 70. In order to service the bearing, the cartridge can simply be dis ...

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In a centrifugal fan or the like including an impeller housed in a casing, recirculation means are provided to recycle a portion of the gas discharge back to the blades of the impeller. Specifically these means comprise a radial passage between an impeller shroud and a wall of the casing, and apertu ...