John S Ducate Sr: Miter gauge. The J D S Company, Pollock Vande Sande & Priddy, August 13, 1991: US05038486 (44 worldwide citation)

Miter apparatus for use with a cutting tool having a table top containing an alignment groove. The miter apparatus includes a guide bar adapted to slidably fit in the alignment groove, a head assembly pivotally secured to the guide bar, and a telescopic fence assembly secured to the head assembly. T ...

David Datlow: Separator for stored garments. J D s, Lower Price LeBlance Becker & Shur, July 31, 1990: US04944417 (10 worldwide citation)

A garment separator suitable for use with expensive or fragile garments made of materials such as fur or silk includes a thin, flexible, smooth-sided, flat, integrally-formed separator element supportable from its top by an integral transverse extension which is readily locatable between adjacent ga ...

Scudeller Giovanni: Coupling element. J D S Internat S P A, July 11, 2001: GB2358054-A

A coupling element comprises a substantially parallelepiped block (2) having at least one hole (6, 6') on each of two opposed surfaces into which a rod (18) can be inserted. At least one groove (10) is provided on another surface (8) for engaging an upright.

A・j・d・j・d・s・j・b・埃切瓦里亚・帕雷斯: 从藻类中提取生物柴油的方法和装置. A・j・d・j・d・s・j・b・埃切瓦里亚・帕雷斯, 李宓, 北京市路盛, July 6, 2011: CN200880130468.5