Matsuo Yoshiaki, Oshima Katsue, Ito Jin Ichi, Yamamoto Sugi: Silver-ionic water and its uses.. Matsuo Yoshiaki, Ito Jin Ichi, Oshima Katsue, January 27, 1988: EP0254413-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

A silver-ionic water having the pH of not more than 5 or not less than 8 and silver ion concentration of 0.03 to 10 ppm. The silver-ionic water can be used as a bacteriostatic water, a growth promotive acidic water for plant cultivation, a growth promotive alkaline water for plant cultivation, a the ...

Matsuo Yoshiaki: Process and apparatus for producing aqueous silver ion-containing solutions.. Matsuo Yoshiaki, Ito Jin Ichi, Oshima Katsue, December 2, 1987: EP0247852-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A process for producing an aqueous silver ion-containing solution, comprising the steps of: (a) passing water through a first electrolytic cell chamber (11) comprising a silver or silver alloy-containing anode and a cathode, with the application of a voltage between said anode and cathode to dissolv ...

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