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The invention relates to a system and device for recording the tuning and working condition of a radio or television set. A record codes the time of any channel change as well as data about operating time after the change. The coding is characterized by means of a series of binary tones identifying ...

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1389717 Recording use of receivers INTOMART NV 24 Nov 1972 [26 Nov 1971] 54373/72 Heading H3Q A system for recording the listening and viewing habits of radio and television receiver users, comprises means 18, 22 for transmitting to a recording medium at predetermined intervals a signal to define co ...

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1,151,710. Recording use of receivers; switching circuits. FREDERIK ADOLF NAUTA, and FREDERICUS ALBERTUS BECHT, [trading as INTOMART, INSTITUT VOOR TOEGEPAST MARKTONDERZOEK]. 13 Sept., 1966 [14 Sept., 1965; 25 Aug., 1966], No. 40923/66. Headings H3Q and H3T. To record the use of a radio receiver by ...



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[en] A method for measuring the reach of media content distributed within time slots of a radio or television broadcast or other media outlet. Statistics representative of audience exposure to such media content are derived from recollections gathered from a first quantity of respondents who, collec ...