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A well installation is disclosed which has a production casing set in a subterranean well; a production tubing disposed within the production casing; an annular space defined between the production casing and the production tubing; and a packer for sealing the annular space, the packer having: a hol ...

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A process for upgrading feedstocks containing not less than about 200 ppm metals, an API gravity of less than about 20.degree., a Conradson Carbon of more than about 8%, by hydroconversion with hydrogen in the presence of a naturally occurring inorganic material as a catalyst. The invention further ...

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A new active stable catalyst for use in the removal of sulphur, nitrogen, contaminating metals, asphaltenes and Conradson carbon from heavy crudes and residues and, in particular, a method for the preparation of the catalyst and a process for the treatment of heavy crudes and residues with the catal ...

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An olefin polymerization catalyst includes a halogen-containing magnesium compound; a titanium compound; and an additive selected from the group consisting of (a) a mixture of an aluminum alkoxide compound and polydimethylsiloxane, (b) an aluminosiloxane, (c) the reaction product of an aluminum alky ...

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A down hole hydroconversion process improves the viscosity, API gravity, and distillate proportions of heavy crude oils by employing a hydrogen donor, methane and steam down hole wherein the mineral formation down hole acts as a catalyst for the hydroconversion process.

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A method for heating a subterranean formation includes the steps of positioning a well to a subterranean formation; disposing an energy transforming material in the formation; and exposing the material to energy whereby the material generates heat.

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