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A specifically-reactive sample-collecting and testing device possessing a cavity or cavities each having a dimension small enough to enable sample liquid to be drawn into the cavity by capillary action, wherein said cavity includes an electrode structure for making measurements of one or more electr ...

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Separation of particles types from a mixed population of particles in a liquid is obtained in an ultrasonic wave produced by interference between the outputs from spaced ultrasonic sources (115,118). One or more selected particle types may be separated by displacement axially along the standing wave ...

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This invention relates to the production of a novel, porous, carbon structure. A stabilised porous polymer comprising cavities joined by interconnecting pores is heated in an inert atmosphere to yield a stable, porous, carbon structure having the inherent structure of the original stabilised polymer ...

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Thermosetting coating compositions for powder coating processes, having a good powder stability, comprise a mixture of 4-25 wt % of a polyepoxide resin, the average molecule of which contains at least two epoxy groups, and 75-96 wt % of a solid modified polyester resin having an acid number of 30-10 ...

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The apparatus consists of a filter which allows blood cells to pass but precludes passage of aggregated platelets. A sample supply of blood is fed via the filter to a suction pump by tubing, and the pressure drop is measured across the filter.

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The invention pertains to floor cleaning machines in which the fresh water and product dosing operation is controlled as a function of the operation of the driving motor such that the dosing per unit of floor area is maintained at an operator-controllable level. Improved economy of water, product an ...

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In an apparatus for the biaxial, simultaneous stretching of a flat film web from particularly polypropylene, the edges of the film web 1 are engaged by grippers 3, which in the stretching zone 9 are driven by divergent threaded spindles 5, and at least part of the stretching in longitudinal directio ...

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A safety valve which may be used in a pipette or in medical or biological equipment such as collection bottles, employs a carrier which is inserted in a flow line and contains a material which swells in the presence of an unwanted fluid to block the line and provide protection against contamination.

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A heat transfer element having a plurality of parallel channels is formed from at least two interconnected metal foils or sheets, at least one of which is corrugated and at least one of which is flat, wherein the surfaces of the foils or sheets facing each other are coated with a weldable or sealabl ...

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A liquid smoke concentrate having a 3,4-benzpyrene- and 1,2,5,6-dibenzanthracene content of less than 0.2 nanograms, having a tar content (calculated as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) below 1 microgram/kg, and a phenolic compounds content (calculated as phenol) of 0.90-1.60 g/l, preferably 1.0-1. ...