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Water is fed into the fuel cell stack in the hydrogen reactant stream. Some of the water is evaporated in the cells to cool the stack, and some of the water migrates through the stack from cell to cell. The water migration is the result of the water being dragged from the anode to the cathode throug ...

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A fuel cell is cooled by circulating a stream through the cell, the stream containing a reactive material which undergoes an endothermic reaction within the fuel cell, absorbing waste heat. The material, upon leaving the fuel cell, passes through a regenerative heat exchanger where heat is removed. ...

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A support plate for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell includes a porous support body that has a central portion and a peripheral portion integral with and circumferentially completely surrounding the central portion, and a sealing body of elastomeric sealing material that completely fills the por ...

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An improved electrochemical cell such as a fuel cell is disclosed including a porous support plate for enhancing transport of fluids throughout the cell and for enhancing capacitance and transient response capability of the cell. The electrochemical cell includes an electrolyte having opposed major ...

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Removal of waste heat from a fuel cell is necessary for continuous operation. Evaporation, can be used to remove the heat produced by the exothermic reaction within the fuel cell. Water sprayed into a gaseous fuel stream is evaporated in an evaporative cooler adjacent to the fuel cell. The fuel/stea ...

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A simplified solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell power plant utilizes porous conductive separator plates having central passages which are filled with circulating coolant water. The coolant water passes through a heat exchanger which rejects heat generated in the power plant. Water appearing on the ...

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A heat exchanger uses the heat from processed fuel gas from a reformer for a fuel cell to superheat steam, to preheat raw fuel prior to entering the reformer and to heat a water-steam coolant mixture from the fuel cells. The processed fuel gas temperature is thus lowered to a level useful in the fue ...

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An efficient process for the production of nitrogen from air using a fuel cell to provide both electrical power and an oxygen depleted gas stream to a liquefaction apparatus is disclosed. An apparatus for the production of nitrogen incorporating a fuel cell is also disclosed.

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The fuel cell stack is a phosphoric acid fuel cell stack which can operate at higher pressures because it does not use steam in the operation of the reformer portion. By being able to operate at higher pressures, the stack displays very low system heat rates and thus higher operating efficiency. The ...

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A mass and heat recovery system for a fuel cell power plant includes at least one fuel cell for producing electrical energy, hydrocarbon fuel processing components for producing a hydrogen rich reducing fluid for the fuel cell, and a direct mass and heat transfer device for recovering mass and heat ...