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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for sampling call stack information. An accumulated latency time is monitored for a set of threads executing in a data processing system. The call stack information is obtained for the thread in response to a thread in the se ...

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An active memory element is provided. A bipolar memory two-terminal element includes polarity-dependent switching. A probability of switching of the bi-polar memory element between a first state and a second state decays exponentially based on time delay and a difference between received signals at ...

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A method and computer system for dynamically selecting an optimal lock mode in a multiprocessor environment. The method determines a quantity of read-side and write-side acquisitions, and evaluates the data to determine an optimal lock mode for efficiently operating the computer system while maintai ...

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A system and method for reducing message traffic during two phase commitment in a distributed transaction processing system. Transactional objects manage transactions in a distributed system. A coordinator object is responsible for ensuring data consistency by enforcing atomic transaction changes. A ...

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A method for on-line processing of electronic commercial transactions using three distinct communication networks to enhance the security of sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

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Augmenting reality for a user including creating a model of a region of the user's environment in a direction of the user's field of vision; determining, in dependence upon the model of the region of the user's environment, that an object located within the user's environment is invisible to the use ...

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An antifuse is provided having a unitary monocrystalline semiconductor body including first and second semiconductor regions each having the same first conductivity type, and a third semiconductor region between the first and second semiconductor regions which has a second conductivity type opposite ...

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A system and method for retrieving information in a distributed table by partitioning a search key. A packet processor may generate a search key for a received packet of data. The packet processor may partition the search key into a plurality of segments where the length of each segment corresponds ...

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