Sutter Franz: Dispositif a tige filetee et organe mene pour la visser dans une dent, Device including a screw pin and a driven member for screwing the pin into a tooth. Institut Straumann, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, CA1243865

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An axially extending screw pin to be screwed into a tooth has a threaded part and an engagement part with a slot in one end. The slot extends in the axial direction of the pin toward the threaded part with the axially extending surfaces of the slot converging inwardly towa ...

Buser Daniel, Sutter Franz, Mundwiler Ulrich: Elements auxiliaires pour fixer une couronne sur un tissu osseux ou autre tissu semblable, Auxiliary means for fastening a capping on bone tissue or the like. Institut Straumann, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, August 31, 1999: CA2062597

A means for fastening a capping on bone tissue or thelike over an area of original, locally depressed, chipped orfractured tissue to promote the growth of additional tissue isdisclosed, comprising generally, a pin which has, at one end, abead for attachment of a foil and, at the other end, an extern ...

Lindskog Sven, Blomlof Leif: Attaque de surface, Surface etching. Biora, Institut Straumann, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, March 28, 1996: CA2200738

A composition for use in biological, mineralized surface conditioning, especially tooth root conditioning, by selective removal of parts of an exposed tooth root surface so as to improve subsequent attachment of the tooth in conjunction with periodontal surgery, comprising as an active constituent a ...

Gestrelius Stina, Hammarstrom Lars, Lyngstadaas Petter, Anderson Christer, Slaby Ivan, Hammargren Tomas: Compositions proteiniques matricielles de cicatrisation, Matrix protein compositions for wound healing. Biora Bioex, Institut Straumann, Sim & Mcburney, December 21, 2010: CA2322215

Active enamel substances may be used for the preparation of a pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition for healing of a wound, improving healing of a wound, soft tissue regeneration or repair, or for preventing or treating infection of inflammation.

Franz Sutter, Reto Baumgartner: Impression system for implants with impression cap. Institut Straumann, zhang zhaodong, November 4, 1998: CN97190975

The impression system comprises an impression cap (4) for transferring an end of an implant (1) in the human body which projects from a human tissue structure, including any superstructures, to a master model. At the top, the implant (1) terminates at the implant head (10) with an implant shoulder ( ...

Simpson James Percival, Steinemann Samuel G: Implant a surface modifiee offrant une osteointegration amelioree, Surface-modified implant with improved osteointegration. Institut Straumann, Straumann Holding, Mcfadden Fincham, October 19, 2010: CA2417035

An osteogenic implant with improved osteointegration properties, this implant being made of titanium metal or a titanium-based alloy and being suitable for implantation in bones, said implant having a roughened surface, which in the hydroxylated state has been at least partially covered with a compo ...

Lyngstadaas Staele, Gestrelius Stina: Compositions proteiques de matrice pour croissance guidee de tissu conjonctif, Matrix protein compositions for guided connective tissue growth. Biora Bioex, Institut Straumann, Sim & Mcburney, February 15, 2011: CA2438084

The present invention relates to the use of enamel matrix, enamel matrix derivatives and/or enamel matrix proteins as therapeutic and/or cosmetic agents. Said substances are used for the manufacture of a pharmaceutical and/orcosmetic composition for actively inducing guiding and/or stimulating conne ...

Steinemann Samuel G, Simpson James: Implants osteophiles, Osteophilic implants. Institut Straumann, Straumann Holding, BLAKE CASSELS & GRAYDON, August 3, 2000: CA2360580

The invention relates to an osteophilic implant having improved osteointegration characteristics. The implant consists of titanium or a titanium alloy and is suitable for the implantation in bones. The implant is provided with a roughened, hydroxylated and hydrophilic surface which is at least seale ...

Holzner Stephan, Weber Gerhard: Methode de detection dimplants, Method of detecting implants. Etkon Centrum Fuer Dentale Cad Cam Technologie, Institut Straumann, Riches Mckenzie & Herbert, June 7, 2011: CA2609890

The invention refers to a method of detecting implants in a jaw or an implant impression in a jaw impression, comprising the following steps: Inserting a gauging member into the implant or into the implant impression, scanning the jaw or the impression thereof together with the gauging member, detec ...

Stephan Holzner, Gerhard Weber: Method for manufacturing dental prostheses, method for creating a data record and computer-readable medium. Institut Straumann, Rissman Jobse Hendricks & Oliverio, October 2, 2008: US20080241798-A1

A method for manufacturing one or several dental prostheses, comprising the steps of: performing a rapid prototyping method for manufacturing one or several dental prostheses and subsequent working, such as reworking, of the one or several dental prostheses with a machining method, such as a milling ...