Theodore S Falk, Thomas E Bramanti: Method and apparatus for isolating a work object. Institut Straumann, Brandon N Sklar Esq, Kaye Scholer, April 12, 2011: US07922488 (6 worldwide citation)

A method for isolating a work object to achieve a predetermined operational objective, the method including the steps of encapsulating at least a portion of the work object in a housing in a work position so as to establish a zone of isolation relative to the portion of the work object; releasibly i ...

Stephan Holzner, Gerhard Weber: Method for manufacturing dental prostheses, method for checking a worked raw material area or a manufacturing arrangement, computer, computer program, and machine-readable medium. Institut Straumann, IP Strategies, August 10, 2010: US07774080 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing dental prostheses, wherein from a raw material area, such as a blank, a dental prosthesis is manufactured (milled out) at a manufacturing position, such as a milling position, the manufacturing position of one or more dental prostheses being determ ...

Gerhard Weber, Stephan Holzner: Devices and methods for producing denture parts. Institut Straumann, Martin Fleit, Paul D Bianco, Fleit Gibbons Gutman Bongini & Bianco PL, March 1, 2011: US07899221 (5 worldwide citation)

Surface mapping and/or generation device is provided, with a device for mapping 3D data of at least one denture base object such as a tooth stump or an implantation abutment, and an environment thereof, as well as with a device for the data-based generation and production of a denture part incorpora ...

Pierre Marechal: Copper-zinc-nickel-manganese alloys. Institut Straumann, McGlew and Tuttle, April 3, 1979: US04147568 (5 worldwide citation)

A tetragonal age-hardened copper-zinc-nickel-manganese alloy, which has good cold-working properties which enable it readily to be rolled, drawn and forged, is disclosed. The alloy, which can be used to stamp complicated parts such as escapement forks and pinions for clock work mechanisms, comprises

Stephan Holzner, Gerhard Weber: Method concerning the modelling and production of a set of artificial teeth. Institut Straumann, Rissman Hendricks & Oliverio, June 26, 2012: US08206152 (3 worldwide citation)

Method for producing a base part of a set of artificial teeth, or a set of artificial teeth having a base part, comprising the step of forming the base part by a rapid prototyping process, e.g. 3D lithography and, in particular, 3D laser lithography. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method of ...

Stephan Holzner, Gerhard Weber: Method and apparatus for producing datasets for making dental prostheses. Institut Straumann, Marshall Gerstein & Borun, November 24, 2009: US07623693 (3 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for producing data for making dental prostheses, wherein the data can be produced on the basis of a model (2) which comprises individual segments (3a, 3b, 3c, . . . ), such as representing a tooth, a preparation, a gingival area, a tooth gap or a small group of teeth, from dif ...

Franz Sutter: Burner nozzle. Institut Straumann, McGlew and Tuttle, March 23, 1982: US04320875 (3 worldwide citation)

A burner nozzle comprises an outer body (21) having a longitudinal hole (21a) therethrough. Screwed into the hole is a pin (27) applying by one of its ends against a vortex body (25) and pressing the latter into contact with the inner front side of a nozzle body (21) having a nozzle orifice (23a). T ...

Buser Daniel, Schar Alex: Coiffe de cicatrisation pour implant dentaire, Healing cap for a dental implant. Institut Straumann, Straumann Holding, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, June 12, 1997: CA2232009 (3 worldwide citation)

The healing cap (100) proposed is distinguished by a bevel (116), particularly in the region to be positioned labially, which bevel is advantageous for conditioning the soft parts, as well as a firm bearing on the associated implant (1), which is achieved by means of the mating shoulder (115) and an ...

Sutter Franz, Sutter Françis: (De) Hohlkörper-dentalimplantat mit knochenintegrationsbohrungen in der verankerungspartie, (En) Hollow-body dental implant with bone integration holes in its anchorage section. Institut Straumann, Sutter Franz, Sutter Françis, A BRAUN BRAUN HERITIER ESCHMANN, July 4, 1996: WO/1996/019947 (3 worldwide citation)

(EN) The proposed hollow-body implant (1) with a main bore (14) running axially from the implant tip (10) and with bone integration holes (15, 16) in the implant wall (12) of the hollow-body section (11) maintains an advantageous elasticity and allows the bone to grow through, at the same enhancing ...

Stephan Holzner, Gerhard Weber: Device for scanning a tooth model. Institut Straumann, IP Strategies, June 21, 2011: US07965860 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a device for scanning a split-cast model, said split-cast model covering the area of a plurality of tooth sites and comprising a plurality of model parts, said device comprising: an optical scanning system (2) for one or for a plurality of split-cast models having a ...