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A plurality of actuators allow a gun operator to control the on/off status of an illuminator attached to a weapon in the area forward of the trigger guard. The actuators are spaced to allow them to extend rearwardly on opposite sides of the trigger guard. “Up” turns the light emitter on and keeps it ...

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A fusion night vision system having image intensification and thermal imaging capabilities includes an edge detection filter circuit to aid in acquiring and identifying targets. An outline of the thermal image is generated and combined with the image intensification image without obscuration of the ...

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A weapon aiming system may utilize a laser diode and a reflective coating on an optical element to generate a red dot aim point for a shooter with a bright view to the target with minimal color distortion. The optical element may utilize an off-axis parabolic lens to reduce parallax to improve sight ...

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An optical bench configured to hold two or more sources of collimated light utilizes prisms that when rotated generate rings of possible angular directions of light that overlap at one or more locations at which the two or more beams are coaligned.

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A vision system for mounting an imaging assembly (104) to a helmet (101) through a helmet adapter and a mounting assembly (102). The mounting assembly comprising a first and second elongated member (2006) establishing a cable channel therebetween.

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An electro-optical device includes a mount assembly that reduces shock imparted to internal electro-optical components.

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A laser alignment assembly has two or more lasers aligned relative to one or more reflective surfaces to generate coaligned and collimated light beams. The assembly may further make the light beams collinear. The orientation of the reflective surface may be controlled by an electrically controllable ...

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A vision system has an infrared detector that adjusts the amount of filtering based on the thermal content of a scene being imaged.

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A laser marker/designator has an energy storage and conversion circuit providing a constant input current to a solid state pulsed pump diode.

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An adjustable mounting arrangement is provided for mounting a vision system to a helmet. The mounting system includes a mount assembly having a latch pivot that can be removably affixed to a helmet mount. The mounting assembly further includes a base that is rotatable about the latch pivot. The base ...