Takashi Horii, Masahiro Fukuyama, Akira Mizukami: Wiping cleaner. Inoac Corporation, Akira Mizukami, Sughrue Mion PLLC, January 7, 2003: US06503615 (39 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a wiping cleaner comprising a porous material of an open-cell structure having a density of 5 to 50 kg/m

Shuich Mizata, Fuyuhiro Tunekuni, Masaki Hashimoto, Yasuo Ako: Bicycle spoke rim wheel for tubeless tire. INOAC Elastomer, Araya Industrial, INOAC Corporation, Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton, December 5, 2000: US06155651 (32 worldwide citation)

A bicycle spoke rim wheel for a WO type tubeless tire is disclosed having a rim construction which can secure an airtightness, reduce a weight of the wheel, and easily fit a tire. Particularly, a seal material within a recess can be reduced in weight, and mounting of a tire bead on the rim is facili ...

Seigo Hishiki: Polishing pad. Rogers Inoac Corporation, Sughrue Mion PLLC, January 4, 2005: US06837781 (32 worldwide citation)

A high quality polishing pad suitable for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of semiconductor wafer, etc. which is not affected by the change of polishing conditions during polishing and can attain excellent removal rate, capacity of step height reduction and uniformity is described, wherein a poly ...

Kouya Teshima: Vehicle upholstery member. Inoac Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, November 12, 1996: US05573272 (31 worldwide citation)

A vehicle upholstery member includes an outer shell being placed from a placement part on an indoor side of a vehicle door toward the indoor side and a lattice-shaped rib structure consisting of a plurality of rib pieces, along a vehicle width direction crossing each other appropriately at least at ...


Nobuo Takeuchi, Hiyoshi Ishikawa: Headrest and method for its production. Inoac Corporation, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, December 26, 1995: US05478136 (26 worldwide citation)

A doughnut plate type stop member is fixed to an opening edge of a stay hole formed on a skin. A concave groove is provided at a predetermined position of a stay of an insert. The stay extending from a base portion is disposed to protrude outward by inserting through the stay hole upon disposing the ...

Kentaro Iwanaga: Structure of door portion of air bag and method of producing door portion of air bag. Inoac Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas PLLC, November 28, 2000: US06152480 (23 worldwide citation)

A door substrate 21 includes a plate-like door substrate body 22, a peripheral flange 32 formed on the outer periphery of the door substrate body, a hinging wall 23 protruding from the back of the outer periphery of said door substrate body so as to correspond to one side of the air bag case and an ...

Yukishiro Kosaka, Genjiro Hattori, Hidero Suzuki, Satoshi Kondo, Masahiro Fukuyama, Atsushi Ichinose: Melamine molded foam, process for producing the same, and wiper. Inoac Corporation, Sughrue Mion PLLC, August 19, 2003: US06608118 (22 worldwide citation)

A melamine molded foam is produced by heat-compressing a melamine foam to a thickness of {fraction (1/1.2)} to {fraction (1/12)} to cause plastic deformation and temporarily fixing the shape; the heat-compression is performed under the conditions of from 210 to 350° C. for 3 minutes or longer; the h ...

Hiroshi Suzuki, Kazushi Shikata, Shigeo Numazawa, Tomohiro Kamiya: Air guide duct for vehicle. Inoac Corporation, Denso Corporation, Sughrue Mion PLLC, June 25, 2002: US06409590 (21 worldwide citation)

There is provided an air guide duct for a vehicle, the air guide duct connected for communication with an air conditioner unit provided in a passengers' room in a vehicle, the air guide duct adapted to pass and guide temperature regulated air supplied from the air conditioner unit, the air guid ...

Atushi Fujisawa, Hiroo Fujita, Katsuhide Shiji, Keisuke Tokoro: Grommet for protecting a wire harness with structure for ensuring flush seating. Inoac Corporation, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Oliff & Berridge, April 14, 1998: US05739475 (19 worldwide citation)

A grommet which is used to protect a wire harness in a through portion formed in a vehicle body and the like. The grommet includes a base portion formed of rubber and having a mounting groove fittable with an opening edge of a mating member, a roof portion extending inwardly from the opening end of ...