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System and method for view navigation and magnification of the display of hand-held devices in response to the orientation changes along only two axes of rotation as measured by sensors inside the devices. The view navigation system is engaged and controlled by a single hand which simultaneously pre ...

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The disclosure relates to a device for use in removing undesired material from a duct within a patient's body. The device comprises a catheter adapted to be disposed within a duct and an element disposed adjacent to the distal end portion of the catheter such as a fiber optic emitting laser energy, ...

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An expandable balloon for insertion into the urinary bladder of an individual. The balloon may be used in treating the urinary bladder, in monitoring the urinary bladder or in the treatment of urinary incontinence.

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A resiliently flexible body having a non-spherical shape and having a magnetizable portion for use in sealing an anatomical cavity such as a urinary bladder. The body is compressed and then inserted into the cavity. In the cavity the body is experimented and positioned at the cavity outlet. The body ...

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A remote control device having, in one embodiment, a keypad including a time-lock key and another key; means for locking the other key for a time period specified by a user in response to a depression of the time-lock key; and a transmitter for transmitting a channel select signal in response to a d ...

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An expandable umbrella-like device for insertion into the urinary bladder of an individual. The umbrella may be used in the treatment of urinary incontinence or in treating urinary bladder dysfunctions.

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An interface system, preferably made in the shape and size of a standard removable magnetic medium, and inserted inside a removable magnetic storage unit such as a floppy disk drive or a tape backup drive, is disclosed. Magnetic communication means on the interface system, placed at a close proximit ...

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Disclosed are several embodiments of panning and zooming devices that may assist individuals with low vision. The present invention employs imaging devices that capture an image and then select a smaller portion of the image for full display. The size of the selected portion of the captured image de ...

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Eyeglasses having temples pivotally attached to an eyewear front and which include an elongate body having a front end connected to the eyewear front and an inner surface adapted to be positioned against a head of a wearer. The elongate body has a notch formed at least partially between the inner an ...

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A method and system for component identification system for electronic board tester to identify the actual defective components in a failed board is disclosed. It uses image captures of the front side and backside of the tested board to extract an outline diagram that is compared to a database of ou ...