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A predictive vibration monitoring system for a machine includes a microcontroller and a machine to be monitored. The machine to be monitored includes at least one rotative element. At least one sensor is operatively connected to the machine. The at least one sensor is operable to convert mechanical ...

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A method is provided for determining and for predicting the present and future condition of a machine having at least one rotative element. The method includes an initial step of storing in memory a predetermined logic routine and at least one predetermined key frequency of the at least one rotative ...

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An embodiment of the article comprises a metallic body formed, by a powder metallurgy technique, of steel powder and tungsten carbide particles, and forged, having a total density of not less than one hundred percent. The method, then, comprises (a) the powder metallurgy steps of forming and sinteri ...

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A method of and system for auditing the energy-usage by a facility, where the facility includes an energy-using system having an operating parameter with a value. One embodiment of the method includes acquiring an initial value of the operating parameter, acquiring initial data of the energy-using s ...

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A blasthole drill is provided with sensors for sensing the pressure (AP) applied to and through a drill bit to convey cuttings from the drill hole, the rate of rotation (N) of the drill bit, the torque (RT) required to rotate the bit, the force (FB) applied axially to the bit and the instantaneous v ...

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An integrated centrifugal pump and motor is provided by an impeller disk which contains permanent magnets and functions as the rotor for a brushless DC motor. The rotor is supported by non-contacting radial bearings and is hydrodynamically balanced against any axial thrust so that there is no contac ...

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A paddle switch safety button which prevents the paddle switch from being activated prior to the safety button being depressed. A unique multi cross section stem of the safety button cooperates with a U-shaped cutout in the paddle switch lever. The stem interferes with the lever in its extended posi ...

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This system is used for removing from and/or placing pipe in a well. The system includes a vertically movable power head which is mounted on a tower. A pipe transfer elevator which is connected to a pulley system including at least one cable extending around a sheave located on the movable power hea ...

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A roto-dynamic pump having recirculating means for preventing pump cavitation surging at low flow rates and at moderate to low values of net positive suction head.

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The means flexibly or universally couple two members, that motion will be imparted from one to the other, and includes a first assembly which engages a portion of one member, and a second assembly which clamps the first assembly to the second member. An adapter is abuttingly interposed between surfa ...