Hsiang-Wen Tseng
Rong Ming Ho, Hui Wen Fan, Wen Hsien Tseng, Yeo Wan Chiang, Chu Chien Lin, Bao Tsan Ko, Bor Hunn Huang, Hsi Hsin Shih, Joung Yei Chen: Nanopatterned templates from oriented degradable diblock copolymer thin films. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, December 15, 2009: US07632544 (47 worldwide citation)

A nanopatterned template for use in manufacturing nanoscale objects. The nanopatterned template contains a nanoporous thin film with a periodically ordered porous geomorphology which is made from a process comprising the steps of: (a) using a block copolymerization process to prepare a block copolym ...

Hsiang-Wen Tseng
LAI HUI MIN, KUO ZONG KENG, CHIANG WEN SHENG, TSENG HSIANG WEN: [ZH] 含CD54表达之报告系统之免疫细胞的应用以及经克隆之新颖细胞, [EN] Application of immune cell including CD54 expression reporting system and cloned novel cell. Industrial Technology Research Institute, zhang wenhui, June 24, 2015: CN142929968

[EN] The present invention provides a method of confirming an immunoregulation substance, comprising: (a) providing a to-be-measured substance and an immune cell, wherein the immune cell includes a CD54 expression reporting system, and the CD54 expression reporting system comprises a CD54 gene promo ...

Hung Pei Ding, Shoou Gwo Jiang, Feng Min Pan, Jihng Ming Liou: Multimedia channel formulation mechanism. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolf & Schlissel P C, December 16, 1997: US05699361 (556 worldwide citation)

A communication network and process for communicating thereon is disclosed which can support multimedia communications. Communication channels are formulated using a two step process. In a first step, channel types and fixed attributes thereof are defined. When needed, one or more channels of the pr ...

James Lee, Tai Yuan Wang, Jen Chieh Cheng, Yun Fuh Yeh: Method and system at a host node for hierarchically organizing the links visited by a world wide web browser executing at the host node. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Proskauer Rose, August 10, 1999: US05937163 (233 worldwide citation)

A host node is provided with an I/O port and a display monitor. The I/O port transmits packets to a specific one of the remotely accessible server nodes containing a request for information. In response, the I/O port receives packets containing requested information, entries describing other topics ...

Hsing Seng Wang, Rong Shen Lee, Pou Huang Chen: Thermally and electrically enhanced PBGA package. Industrial Technology Research Institute, McDermott Will & Emery, November 2, 1999: US05977626 (219 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a substrate having a die adhered thereon. The die and the substrate are interconnected by means of signal transferring means. Solder bumps are formed on the bottom side surface of the substrate. Molding compound is encapsulated among the substrate, the die and a heat s ...

Chien Chi Chao, Ming Hane Lin, Ted C Ho: Packaging assembly with consolidated common voltage connections for integrated circuits. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Bo In Lin, December 3, 1996: US05581122 (198 worldwide citation)

An IC dice mounted on a substrate carrier wherein the IC dice is connected by a plurality of bonding wires to a plurality of corresponding bonding pads on the substrate carrier. The wire bonding layout configuration of the electronic device is improved in the present invention by providing centraliz ...

Chwan Ying Lee, Tzuen Hsi Huang: Method of electroless plating copper on nitride barrier. Industrial Technology Research Institute, George O Saile, Stephen B Ackerman, William J Stoffel, August 20, 2002: US06436816 (190 worldwide citation)

A method with three embodiments of manufacturing metal lines and solder bumps using electroless deposition techniques. The first embodiment uses a PdSi

Chi Ming Shih, Tze Hong Wong, Chen Dao Shaio, Cheng Kung Cheng, Chih Ming Wu, Wei Tai Jao: Anterior spinal fixation system. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Ladas & Parry, October 24, 2000: US06136002 (185 worldwide citation)

An anterior spinal fixation system comprises a pair of equal upper and lower vertebral plate systems and at least two rods arranged in parallel. The upper and lower vertebral plate systems each includes a staple vertebral plate and a universal cover plate which are jointed firmly with each other to ...

Lung Tai Chen, Ping Huang Chiang, Yu Kon Chou, Chien Chi Chao: Structure for semiconductor package for improving the efficiency of spreading heat. Industrial Technology Research Institute, McDermott Will & Emery, May 11, 1999: US05903052 (176 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a substrate having a first opening. A heat spreader is attached on the bottom surface of the substrate. The bottom side surface of the heat spreader has trench pattern. The trench pattern includes a plurality of connecting cavities and a plurality of trenches. The chip ...

Rung Ywan Tsai, Chaur Tsang Wei, Chii Hua Lee, Fang Chuan Ho, Gi Horng Chuang: Optically variable multilayer film and optically variable pigment obtained therefrom. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, August 1, 1995: US05437931 (173 worldwide citation)

An optically variable pigment being formed from optically variable flakes. The optically variable multilayer is vacuum deposited onto a flexible polyester substrate having being provided with a release layer. An optically variable stack is formed from an opaque metallic reflective layer and two sub- ...