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A sheet material having a decorative surface and a working surface, for application to a support surface is disclosed, the working surface of which is provided with a continuous coating of tacky, pressure-sensitive, adhesive, which adhesive is provided with a coating of a discontinuous layer of resi ...

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An analytical method using a sensor of the enzyme electrode type is provided for determining in a sample the concentration of an analyte reactive with an enzyme present on the sensor to produce an electrochemically active species detectable by the sensor, which comprises applying a potential across ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmacologically active polypeptide and a pharmacologically or veterinarily acceptable amphipathic, non-cross-linked linear, branched or graft block copolymer, which has a minimum weight average molecular weight of 5,000, in which the hydrophobic component i ...

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A membrane particularly for use in a sensor of the enzyme-electrode type which comprises one or more layers of material and an enzyme-containing layer and in which one layer is formed from a sulphonated or unsulphonated polyarylsulphone or a sulphonated or unsulphonated polyarylketone. The specifica ...

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A sensor of the enzyme-electrode type comprising an electrode and a membrane permeable to liquids and solutes which is positioned between the electrode and a specimen containing the analyte to be determined, is characterized by the fact that a layer of a porous material, positioned in the membrane b ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions, comprising a polylactide and a pharmacologically active, acid stable polypeptide, which when placed in an aqueous physiological environment release the polypeptide at an approximately constant rate in an essentially monophasic manner, with a minimal, or no induction peri ...

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A dressing for administering a drug through the skin of a host comprising a reservoir for the drug and, located between the reservoir and the skin of the host when the dressing is in use, a pad provided with tiny spikes. These tiny spikes augment the absorption of the drug without causing irritation ...

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A photopolymerizable composition comprising at least one polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated material, for example, an ethylenically unsaturated monomer, and a photosensitive catalyst comprising

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A process for electrostatically spinning fiber forming material. The spun fiber is collected on a removable sheath on a rotating mandrel. The sheath is electroconductive. The tubular spun fiber product is separated from the sheath.

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A process for producing a multi-layer coating upon a substrate surface, in which there is first applied to the surface a pigmented basecoat composition and then there is applied to the basecoat film a transparent topcoat composition; characterized in that the basecoat composition is based upon a dis ...