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A method of encapsulation for an organic EL device, which overcomes the difficulty of conventional methods by fully preventing the growth of dark spots in the organic EL device by providing an inert liquid layer having a dissolved oxygen concentration of 1 ppm or less on the periphery of the organic ...

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An organic electroluminescence device comprising a compound having a specific structure having a heteroatom and an organic electroluminescence device which comprises a cathode, an anode and an organic thin film layer which comprises at least one layer comprising at least a light emitting layer and i ...

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This invention provides a multi-color light emission apparatus wherein a transparent inorganic oxide substrate (4) is disposed between an organic EL device (1) and a fluorescent layer (3) in such a manner as to arrange the fluorescent layer (3) with a gap with the organic EL device (1), and the orga ...

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An organic EL light emitting element and a light emitting device capable of realizing inexpensively a display which a scanning line current is suppressed and which is large size and high-resolution is provided. The organic EL light emitting element 6 is constituted from a transparent electrode 2; an ...

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Disclosed is a thin film transistor comprising an oxide semiconductor film wherein a crystalline layer and an amorphous layer are arranged in layers.

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Disclosed is a semiconductor thin film which can be formed at a relatively low temperature even on a flexible resin substrate. Since the semiconductor thin film is stable to visible light and has high device characteristics such as transistor characteristics, in the case where the semiconductor thin ...

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A field effect transistor which includes, on a substrate, at least a semiconductor layer, a passivation layer for the semiconductor layer, a source electrode, a drain electrode, a gate insulating film and a gate electrode, the source electrode and the drain electrode being connected through the semi ...

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The present invention relates to a luminescent device having a plurality of organic EL (Electroluminescence) elements in which at least a charge injection layer and a light-emitting layer are interposed between a pair of electrodes. It is a luminescent device in which plural sets of anodes and catho ...

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The present invention is a active-driving organic EL light emission device comprising an organic EL element comprising an organic luminous medium between an upper electrode and a lower electrode, and a thin film transistor for driving this organic EL element, wherein light emitted from the organic E ...

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A process for production of styrene polymers of high syndiotactic configuration is disclosed, comprising polymerizing styrene or styrene derivatives by the use of a catalyst comprising: (A) a titanium compound, e.g., at least one compound selected from those represented by the formulae: TiR.sup.1.su ...