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A method and system for direct audio capture and identification of the captured audio. A user may then be offered the opportunity to purchase recordings directly over the Internet or similar outlet. The system preferably includes one or more user-carried portable audio capture devices that employ a ...

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A method and system for the automatic identification of audio, video, multimedia, and/or data recordings based on immutable characteristics of these works. The invention does not require the insertion of identifying codes or signals into the recording. This allows the system to be used to identify e ...

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A system for controlling usage of a portable digital device (14) having an audio and/or image data recording or capture function (12). Operation of said data recording or capture function is inhibited when the portable digital device is located in a specific geographic location or region (10).

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A partition system which includes a hollow body, plastic panel, a connector link member, a plurality of inserts for the panel, a trim element for mounting to the panel, a leveling member for adjusting the orientation of the panel relative to a floor surface, a friction ring for cooperative engagemen ...

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An auxiliary footrest for removably mounting to a chair having a post is disclosed. The footrest includes a clamp configured to be removably mounted to the post of the chair and generally C-shaped frame fixed to the clamp. The frame includes a foot support bar and opposite ends which define respecti ...

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In order to lift and remove superstructure 70 from chassis 80 of a vehicle 50, the vehicle 50 is reversed between spaced apart pairs of rails, forming a first part of the apparatus of the invention, after the superstructure 70 has been detached from the chassis 80, its rear wheels ascending portion ...

Buoys for use with sea currents. Iceberg Transport Int, April 1, 1981: GB2057364-A (4 worldwide citation)

A float 22 supports a string of drogues 25, 26 and 27 and a sinker 28. The drogues are acted upon by sea currents at their respective depths. Alternatively one long drogue is used for the entire depth. The net result is that the effect of currents at different depths is integrated; while not giving ...

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Un engin de levage évoluant en mer profonde 3 se compose d'un piètement 7, portant des piles verticales 4, et d'un pont de travail 5 qui peut être immergé 5' pour recevoir une charge flottante destinée à être disposée sur la face supérieure d'une structure 1. Le pont 5 est inclinable par variation d ...

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An ice crib for use in retreat mining to support the overburden is formed of fresh water ice, the freezing and melting of which is controlled in situ by flow therethrough of temperature regulated brine.

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Une tour flottante de haute mer, oscillante et autostable comporte un chapeau à sa partie supérieure, relié par une colonne à une capacité de flottabilité partiellement remplie d'air, provoquant un amortissement pneumatique partiel des mouvements verticaux de la tour; à sa partie inférieure, la tour ...