Hyun Woo Ha: Interface with device having unusual access time and method thereof. Hyundai Electronic, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, September 15, 1998: US05809264

An interface between a processor without ready or data acknowledge signal and a device having a remarkably slow or variable access time including: first and second latch terminals latching data and addresses; and a decoder controlling the latches and the flow of data. This interface is capable of li ...

Won Moo Kim: Method for automatically chaging transmission power of three-sector base station in mobile communication system. Hyundai Electronic, Baker & Botts, July 19, 2001: US20010008834-A1

A method for automatically changing transmission power of a three-sector base station in a mobile communication system is disclosed. The mobile communication system includes a base station manager (BSM) and a base station having a base station control processor (BCP), a plurality of RF Up-converters ...

Chung Chae Chang, No Chi Hyong, Chung Min Ho: Novel monomer and its polymer used for anti-photoetching agent, and their compositions. Hyundai Electronic, wang dazuo, April 19, 2000: CN99118358

The present invention relates to novel monomers for preparing photoresist polymers, polymers thereof, and photoresist compositions using the same. The monomers of the iinvention are represented by the following chemical formula 1.

Hong Seung Un, Deung Mun Ko, Kim Hyong Su: Anti-reflection coating polymer and preparing method thereof. Hyundai Electronic Industries, gan ling, July 19, 2000: CN99124973

The present invention relates to organic anti-reflective coating polymers and preparation methods therefor. Anti-reflective coatings are used in a semiconductor device during photolithography processes to prevent the reflection of light from lower layers of the device, or resulting from changes in t ...


Park Sang Wook, Ho Min: Semiconductor package and mfg. method thereof. Hyundai Electronic Industries, yang wu, July 19, 2000: CN99122957

The invention provides a semiconductor package which has a simple structure, into which infiltration of foreign substance is prevented, and mechanical strength can be reinforced, and its manufacturing method. A semiconductor package is provided with a semiconductor chip that is arranged, so that a b ...

Sin Ryang Su, Sin Son Young: Incident-power control method for personal portable communication system. Hyundai Electronic Industries, huang jianfeng, May 26, 1999: CN98124733

A message received by a mobile station is checked for a prescribed period. When a received frame is normal, a fame error indication bit E is set to '0' and when the received frame is an error, the bit E is set to '1'. In the case that the frame error indication bit E is '1', a base station compares ...

Go Yo Hwan, Park Chan Kwang, Hwang Seong Min: Method for making semiconductor device. Hyundai Electronic Industries, YANG WU, October 15, 1996: CN95121875

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, capable of securing an alignment margin between bit lines and a storage node contact is disclosed herein. The method includes: a depositing step of a first insulating layer on a semiconductor substrate of MOS structure; a forming step of a bit line p ...

Park Sang Hoon: Method for forming field oxidate layer of semiconductor device. Hyundai Electronic Industry, MA TIELIANG ZHANG ZHIXING, October 15, 1996: CN95108397

The present invention discloses a method of forming a field oxide film in a semiconductor device which can minimize an occurrence of a birds beak by defining field regions by patterning the nitride film, and forming an oxidization prevention layer by implanting nitrogen atoms into portions where the ...

Lee Jae Jin: Pulse train length detecting circuit. Hyundai Electronic Industries, YU MENG, February 19, 1997: CN96106748

A burst length detection circuit comprising at least two registers, at least two internal address signal generators, at least two comparators, a logic circuit, and a burst signal generation circuit.