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Spray polyurea elastomer systems have improved adhesion to a substrate with the incorporation of a functional alkoxy silane and water. Such systems typically also include a quasi-prepolymer of an isocyanate and an active hydrogen-containing material, and at least one amine resin, and preferably an a ...

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This invention concerns a fuel additive comprising an etheramine alkoxylate, and fuel compositions and additive concentrates made therefrom. The etheramine alkoxylate may be of formula: where R is a straight or branched alkyl, or alkylaryl; R is independently in each occurrence hydrogen or alkyl fro ...

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A compound comprising a blend of polypropylene with the reaction of a functionalized polypropylene and polyether amine in which the polyether amine is grafted into the functionalized polypropylene in a customary mixing apparatus is disclosed. The blend may include an elastomer such as EP rubber and/ ...

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The present invention relates to a method for producing a tertiary amine which comprises: subjecting a polyamine having at least two primary amino groups to a reaction zone in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst and hydrogen under reductive conditions; and continuously over a predetermined peri ...

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Processes for the purification and color stabilization of crude maleic anhydride by distillation in a batch or continuous distillation column.

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An extractive distillation agent of 1-propanol is fed to an extractive distillation column used for the distillation of propylene oxide contaminated with water, acetone and methanol to obtain an overhead distillate fraction of essentially anhydrous propylene oxide contaminated with reduced quantitie ...

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A process, and the product produced thereby, for preparing a polyurea foam which comprises reacting an aliphatic polyamine having an average functionality from about 2 to about 6 wherein about 55 to about 95 percent of the functional groups are primary amine functional groups and about 5 to about 40 ...

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This invention concerns a composition useful as a paint remover, comprising: an organic carbonate, an alcohol, an activator, hydrogen peroxide, and water. The alcohol may be benzyl alcohol. The organic carbonate may be propylene carbonate, ethylene carbonate, or combination thereof. The activator ma ...

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An improved process and apparatus for the preparation and recovery of maleic anhydride in which the recovery of maleic anhydride from a gaseous reaction mixture includes absorbing the maleic anhydride in a solvent and subsequently stripping maleic anhydride from the solvent to obtain crude maleic an ...

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This invention concerns a composition useful as a paint remover, comprising: alkylene carbonate such as propylene carbonate or ethylene carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and water, and optionally an alcohol such as benzyl alcohol. In another broad respect, this invention concerns a process for removing ...