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An intervertebral disc endoprothesis comprises two symmetrical, concave end plates with an intermediate convex spacing piece. The end plates and the spacing piece have a plane guide rim. The end plates either have an edge shoulder or an annular groove for a toroid provided on the spacing piece. Alte ...

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Safety biopsy forceps, in particular for infants, comprise operating forceps, a flexible shaft, a pulling element, as well as a head with cutting- and/or grasping elements, of which at least one element is moveable by means of the pulling element, provided with a head with cutting- and/or grasping e ...

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New 1-(2-hydroxylaryl)-alkane-1-on-oximes, procedure for their preparation, and their applicability to pharmaceutical preparations. One purpose is to develop 1-(2-hydroxyaryl)-alkane-1-on-oximes with desirable pharmacological properties. The new compounds of Formula I ##STR1## are characterised by p ...

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The present invention is related to a method for preparing an amorphous metal fluoride of the formula MX+FX−δ comprising the steps of a) providing a precursor, whereby the precursor comprises a structure having a formula of Mx+F(x−δ)−yBy; and b) reacting the precursor with a fluorinating agent gener ...

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This invention relates to an automatic sample collector for liquids which are discharged from a chromatographic column, a dialysis apparatus, or a reaction container, for example, and are consecutively collected at a give volume division, a method for collecting samples of a liquid in a predefined c ...

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A quantum well structure according to the invention includes a quantum well layer (107) arranged between two barrier layers (109, 112). It is distinguished in that at least one of the barrier layers (109) includes nanostructures (110) which compensate or modulate a lateral homogeneity of the barrier ...

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The invention relates to a high sensitive semiconductor type hydrogen sensor, an alarm of hydrogen which incorporates this sensor and a method of sensing hydrogen concentrations by using this sensor.

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The invention relates inter alia to an arrangement comprising a carrier (10), a layer and a material (20) enclosed between the carrier and the layer. According to the invention, it is provided that the layer is formed by a single two-dimensionally crosslinked layer (40) or by a plurality of two-dime ...

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The invention provides for devices and methods for storing/retrieving objects comprising multidimensionally addressed electronic data in a system of several data processing units, in particular as regards the economy of time, even if individual units of the data processing units are unreliable.