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The motion determination apparatus includes a motion sensor for sensing motion of an electronic device and sending out a motion parameter. A processor receives the motion parameter to determine whether or not his motion is a meaningful motion. A device controller activates a device function accordin ...

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A handheld electronic device includes a display body, an input body and at least a track. The input body and the display body are overlapped with each other. The track is disposed between the display body and the input body, wherein the extending direction of the track is substantially neither perpe ...

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Method for establishing wireless networks between devices is disclosed. When a first device is activated to establish a wireless network with other devices, a first activation reference time is recorded. At least one second device that has at least one compatible networking capability is searched fo ...

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A handheld electronic device and an operating method thereof are provided, in which at least two sets of sound outputting modules and sound receiving modules are disposed in the handheld electronic device. The operating method detects an orientation of the handheld electronic device by a motion dete ...

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A portable electronic device has a lower body, an upper body, and a moving assembly installed between the parts. The moving assembly has a lower base fixed to the lower body, a middle base pivoted to the lower base along a first axis, and an upper base pivoted to the middle base along a second axis ...

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A continuous vapor processing system for vapor phase soldering, degreasing, or similar processes wherein a product is moved into and out of a vessel in a continuous manner via open conduits or channels while preventing escape of vapor from the processing tank and the conduits.

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A communication system, user device thereof, and a synchronization method thereof are provided. The communication system includes a user device and a wireless network. A ciphering configuration information is transmitted to a user device. The user device and wireless network re-establishing the radi ...

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A user interface switching method, and an electronic device and a recording medium using the same are provided. First, a plurality of user interfaces are provided, and one of the user interfaces is displayed in a touch screen of the portable electronic device. A representative icon bar and a hot key ...

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An advertisement delivery system for publishing a voice-enabled advertisement chosen among multiple voice-enabled advertisements to a specific voice application version chosen among multiple voice application versions available to the system has a telephony interface for enabling voice interactive a ...

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An electronic device includes a housing, a first display unit, a second display unit, a sensing input unit and a processor. The first display unit and the second display unit are both disposed on the housing. The sensing input unit is coupled to the first display unit and the second display unit, an ...