Edward K Hamar, Gordon E Blakeman: Portable sectional flooring system. Horner Flooring Company, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, September 3, 1985: US04538392 (91 worldwide citation)

Portable sectionalized flooring suitable for a basketball court or the like is assembled from a plurality of separate floor sections arranged in rows with each section composed of interengaged tongue and groove strips defining the floor surface, spaced stringers extending transversely of such strips ...

Robert U Gravitter, William O Isaacson: Affixing cushioning pads to floor sleepers. Horner Flooring Company, Schuyler Birch McKie & Beckett, May 20, 1980: US04203541

Apparatus for affixing spaced cushioning pads to wooden floor sleepers has a positioning channel to hold a sleeper to be padded with lifting means provided to raise the sleeper into working position, cushioning pads are placed at spaced positions along the length of the sleeper by ejector means movi ...

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