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Cellulosic materials such as paper, wood, cotton, rayon and the like are rendered flame retardant by the intimate association therewith of an effective flame retardant amount of a reaction product of aqueous solution of phosphoric acid or an acid ammonium phosphate and an alkylene oxide e.g., ethyle ...

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A permselective membrane, suitable for use in electrolytic cells, is conditioned for such use by expanding it to a desirable extent by immersing it in or coating it with a liquid solvent system in which the membrane exhibits a substantially flat expansion vs. time curve for at least the first four h ...

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Electrode elements are provided for monopolar electrolysis cells useful in chlor-alkali electrolysis and having two vertical, planar, opposed electrode surfaces, said surfaces being substantially parallel and spaced apart from one another and being electrically fastened to an electrode frame, said e ...

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Binders for foundry aggregates comprise (1) a phenolic compound and an organic polyisocyanate, (2) a substantially non-aqueous, organic solvent soluble condensation product of a furan alcohol and an aldehyde, a polyisocyanate and a phenolic compound, and (3) an organic polyisocyanate and a substanti ...

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Aqueous compositions are employed to form a protective coating on metal surfaces, in particular, ferrous or tin surfaces, and are especially useful for the coating of blackplate or tin-plated cans. The compositions contain, in the form of an aqueous emulsion, an epoxy resin, an alkylated melamine-fo ...

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Polymerizable polyester molding compositions having good shrinkage control comprise (1) a polymerizable polyester, and (2) a low profile additive comprising the reaction product of a styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer and a polydiene having terminal hydroxyl groups.

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Chlorates, such as alkali metal chlorates, are made by electrolyzing brine in a cell having a plurality of compartments or zones therein preferably three, wherein anode and cathode compartments are separated by a buffer compartment formed by permselective membranes of a hydrolyzed copolymer of tetra ...

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Polyvinyl halide or polyvinyl graft copolymers intimately mixed with a polyester derived mainly from an halogenated bicycloheptene carboxylic acid or anhydride such as chlorendic acid or anhydride and an alkylene glycol or alkylene oxide such as ethylene oxide are provided. The graft copolymers of t ...