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Aromatic polyester compositions having improved hydrolytic stability comprise, in admixture, (1) a linear aromatic polyester prepared from an aromatic dicarboxylic acid and a bisphenol, and (2) a polymer comprising the reaction product of a styrene/maleic anhydride copolymer and a diene rubber.

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An improved electrolytic cell of the filter press type in which the electrode gap may initially be set and accurately maintained during assembly of the cell units is described. The cell units consist of a planar anode mounted in a peripheral anode frame, a planar cathode mounted in a peripheral cath ...

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An assembly of electrolyte compartment frames and a separating web for a filter press type of bipolar electrolytic apparatus includes gasketing material between the frames and the web near the ends of the web and a recess in such frames at an end of the web so that when the web differentially expand ...

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An aqueous chromium-free composition is useful for imparting a corrosion resistance paintable coating to a tin surface. The composition contains a titanium or zirconium compound, a pyrazole derivative, a myoinositol phosphate ester and a silicon compound. The surface is either chemically coated via ...

Kenneth N Headley: Flash drying sludge derived fuel process. Hooker Chemicals & Plastics Corporation, Peter F Casella, Thomas T Gordon, Howard M Ellis, July 22, 1980: US04213407 (20 worldwide citation)

A process for disposing of sewage sludge resulting from municipal type sewage plants, including the production of dry solid fuel which is used in the flash drying and in the deodorizing system. Supplemental fuels are not required. The system is capable of producing a sludge derived fuel (SDF).

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Improved electroless or autocatalytic gold plating baths wherein the gold ingredient is a water soluble trivalent gold component selected from an alkali metal auricyanide, an alkali metal aurihydroxide, and an alkali metal aurate. The bath contains an amino borane, an alkali metal borohydride, or an ...

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Electrically conductive articles which comprise a non-conductive matrix containing an electrically conductive dispersion of finely divided ferroalloy, silicon alloy, or mixtures thereof, are described. Compositions for making the articles utilizing various non-conductive materials, e.g., plastics, c ...

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An improved hollow bipolar electrode unit for use in an electrolytic cell is disclosed, comprising at least one connecting device within the hollow region of the electrode unit to provide mechanical support and electrical communication between the anode and cathode of such bipolar electrode.

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A filter press halate cell is disclosed, where a plurality of electrode units are arranged to form a cell. Each unit comprises a synthetic organic polymeric electrolytic cell frame housing an anode and a cathode in spaced relationship with each other. The cell frame contains electrolyte, initially a ...

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An electrode assembly for an electrolysis cell is provided comprising at least two opposed electrode working faces, and placing between the working faces a resilient, compressible member against which compression of the electrode takes place during its insertion into the cell. Upon inserting said el ...