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[en] A user terminal 510 contains an image capture device used to capture an image 520 of a scene and a range imaging image capture device used to create a depth map of the scene. A processor combines the image and the depth map into a model of the scene to be displayed on a display 540 of the termi ...

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Systems and methods for monitoring the stability of a construction machine (10) are provided. A gyroscope (42) is configured to detect an angle of inclination (100) of the construction machine (10) relative to a vertical axis (102) and generate an inclination signal representative thereof. A process ...

De Oto Leonard, Clary Thomas E: Led brightness compensation system and method. Honeywell Int, March 19, 2008: EP1901587-A2 (35 worldwide citation)

LED brightness compensation system and method to account for aging and/or temperature effects on LED brightness. The system includes one or more LEDs (22a, 22b) and a circuit coupled to the LEDs (22a, 22b) to maintain substantially constant LED brightness based on determined operating characteristic ...

Blum William R: System for determining real time network up time. Honeywell Int, October 28, 2009: EP2112784-A1 (30 worldwide citation)

The inventive system and method for determining the availability of a computer network comprises a device operable to connect to at least the computer network using internet communications and using GSM, and an alarm service and/or a central server, wherein the device attempts to connect to the comp ...

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Compositions comprising multi-fluorinated olefins and HFC-32 are disclosed. Such compositions are useful particularly for in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

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Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants are not soluble in hydrocarbon oil. Retrofitting refrigeration equipment with hydrofluorocarbons generally entails the use of expensive polyol ester (POE) lubricants. The invention provides hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant compositions that are soluble in hydrocarbon oil ...

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An aircraft braking system includes a brake disk stack (22) that has at least one brake rotor (26) rotatable with an aircraft wheel (16) and at least one brake stator (24). at least one actuator (36) movable in response in a braking command to compress the brake disk stack (22) and slow the wheel (1 ...

Horak Dan T: Autonomous launch pad for micro air vehicles. Honeywell Int, March 28, 2007: EP1767453-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Autonomous micro air vehicles (102) surveillance systems are provided. A MAV system of one embodiment includes an MAV and a launch pad (120). The MAV has an engine (103) that is adapted to power the MAV. The launch pad has a starter (128) that is adapted to start the engine in the MAV when the MAV i ...

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A magnetic field sensing device can be realized by using a magnetic sensor in electronic compassing as well as switching. A magnet can be brought in close proximity to the magnetic sensor within an electronic compass to generate a signal that a portable information device has been closed. This signa ...

WRIGHT GEORGE L, WRIGHT MARK A: [fr] Procédé, système et appareil dautomatisation et déploiement dun profil opérateur de parc, [de] Verfahren, System und Vorrichtung einer Fahrzeug- oder Flottenbedienerprofilautomatisierung und Anwendung, [en] Method, system, and apparatus of vehicle and fleet operator profile automation and deployment. HONEYWELL INT, February 10, 2010: EP2151355-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

[en] A method, system, and device are presented for customizing vehicles for drivers using a vehicle-operator profile. The vehicle-operator profile contains adjustable-vehicle-related parameters related to one or more adjustable devices, such as power seats, power mirrors and entertainment devices, ...