Generalized logic device. Honeywell Inf Systems, July 28, 1976: GB1444084-A (52 worldwide citation)

1444084 Logic HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Ltd 18 Sept 1973 [21 June 1972] 28940/72 Heading G4H A generalized logic device comprises a set of logic elements (e.g. gates, flip-flops) 10 whose inputs and outputs form rows and columns respectively of a rectangular matrix 11 of lines, gates interconnec ...

Cassiano Cosimo, Pessina Fabio: Multicolour inked ribbon cartridge and related positioning mechanism for an impact serial printer.. Honeywell Inf Systems, October 23, 1985: EP0158963-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

Multicolour inked ribbon cartridge for an impact serial printer comprising a ribbon housing body and two arms protruding from such body to allow the interposition of a ribbon portion between printing head and printing support for the whole length of the platen when the cartridge is inserted by means ...

[en] Instruction buffer in computer. HONEYWELL INF SYSTEMS, July 11, 1979: GB2011682-A (23 worldwide citation)

[en] A computer comprises a CPU, an instruction buffer, a main memory, and an associated cache memory. The instruction buffer contains 2 groups of storage locations, A and B (310 and 320). The current sequence of instructions may be stored in either. The CPU detects any transfer instruction in the c ...

Data processing system with hash instruction. Honeywell Inf Systems, December 14, 1977: GB1494750-A (22 worldwide citation)

1494750 Data processing HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Inc 12 Dec 1974 [13 Dec 1973] 53774/74 Heading G4A In a data processing system a hash instruction results in a data descriptor specified by the instruction being accessed, the descriptor including the address of an operand and a characteristic of ...



Fiacconi Claudio, Franzosi Antonio: Multiprocessor system architecture.. Honeywell Inf Systems, December 17, 1986: EP0201020-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

Multiprocessor system architecture where two processors at least are provided each with an autonomous bus and the two buses can be selectively connected each other to constitute a unique system bus and to enable the access to common memory resources connected to an autonomous bus by all the processo ...


Edgington Gregory C, Mccarthy Daniel M: Control means in a digital computer.. Honeywell Inf Systems, October 30, 1985: EP0159712-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

A directory unit includes means for storing address and control data relating to a plurality of cache transactions during the interval between the initiation of the individual ones of the transactions and the completion thereof. The directory includes the capability of comparing the pertinent data r ...