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A navigation system for mounting on a human. The navigation system includes one or more motion sensors for sensing motion of the human and outputting one or more corresponding motion signals. An inertial processing unit coupled to one or more of motion sensors determines a first position estimate ba ...

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A method of recording numerical information in a plurality of disk units, in which the bits of each word of numerical information are transmitted simultaneously, each bit being allocated to a unit associated with the weight of that bit in that word, and a memory system for implementing the method, i ...

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An EIR terminal containing an image capture device configured to scan an image. The EIR terminal includes a lighting and exposure mechanism. The EIR terminal also includes a camera sensor interface with a stat FIFO. The stat FIFO is configured to receive data from the image capture device. When the ...

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A system in one embodiment is operative to attempt to decode decodable indicia. The system can include an imaging assembly and a display. The display can be operative to display image data output utilizing the imaging assembly.

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A hand controller which includes a hand grip having therein a gimble mechanism for allowing rotatory motion about three axes which intersect in the interior of the hand grip and from which motion transmitting members allow the motions about the three axes to be transmitted to remote pick off devices ...

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A method for adjusting a plurality of controlled subsystems in a building or plant that facilitates cooperative energy usage with a utility provider. By referring to a single profile of adjustments that correspond to changes in the value of a utility signal and distributing this to each relevant con ...

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A method and apparatus features a system for automatically monitoring the operating environment and other physical conditions around and in which a host computer system operates. Sensors located around a computer system, including inside equipment cabinets and under the floor where cabling and air a ...