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An image display apparatus which employs a polarization-sensitive scattering element (PSSE). In the display, a light source is used to illuminate a panel which modulates light in order to form an image. Positioned between the light source and the panel is the PSSE which acts to effectively separate ...

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An active virtual pivot hand controller using motors to control reflective forces and torques. Degree of freedom parameters, stops, and reflective force rates may be easily modified without altering hardware. The location of the virtual pivot of the hand controller may be likewise readily changed.

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Methods for using an optical indicia reading terminal including a housing, a multiple pixel image sensor disposed within the housing, an imaging lens assembly configured to focus an image of decodable indicia on the image sensor, an optical bandpass filter disposed in an optical path of light incide ...

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The invention relates to a method and a device for protecting software delivered to a user by a supplier. The method amounts to rendering the programs non-executable in the state in which they have been delivered to the users. With each program (P.sub.i) there is associated a validation key defined ...

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A system for decoding an encoded symbol character associated with a product is provided. The system includes a bioptic scanning apparatus comprising a first scan source disposed within a housing, and a second scan source disposed within the housing. The second scan source comprises an operating tech ...

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Management of data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system is provided. A physical interface for communicating data between a peripheral device and applications executing on the host is opened and controlled by a software module. First and second virtual interfaces of the ...

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Embodiments of the present invention comprise an indicia reading terminal that is operatively configured to decode visible and non-visible decodable indicia. The terminal can comprise an excitation illumination module for illuminating the decodable indicia with light that has a wavelength selected s ...

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There is set forth herein in one embodiment an image sensor array including a global shutter shared by first and second pixels. The global shutter can include a charge storage area having an associated shield for reducing charge build up on the charge storage area attributable to incident light rays ...

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An optical indicia reading terminal configured to capture and process an image of decodable indicia can comprise a first image sensor and a second image sensor having overlapping fields of view. The optical indicia reading terminal can further comprise at least one analog-to-digital converter config ...

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A mobile communication terminal can comprise a housing, a microprocessor disposed within the housing, a display incorporated into the housing, and a communication interface communicatively coupled to the microprocessor. The mobile communication terminal can be configured, responsive to receiving a b ...