Thomas A Stamm: Battery operated access control card. Honeywell, Trevor B Joike, October 5, 1982: US04353064 (250 worldwide citation)

An access control card for use in an access control system. A battery, a wireless signal sensor such as an antenna for receiving coded wireless signals such as coded radio frequency signals generated by a card reader, a clock connected to the battery and including a receiver are connected to the ant ...

Kim A Class, Randolph G Hartman, Brett J Helgeson: Differential GPS landing assistance system. Honeywell, Robert A Pajak, November 1, 1994: US05361212 (247 worldwide citation)

An aircraft landing system is disclosed in which a differential GPS global positioning system is employed. A ground station, located in the vicinity of one or more landing strips, includes a GPS receiver and a data link transmitter for transmitting GPS correction data and also the global position of ...

William W Durand, Anil K Jain, Ronald E Peterson: Graded index Fabry-Perot optical filter device. Honeywell, Charles J Ungemach, March 22, 1983: US04377324 (243 worldwide citation)

A Fabry-Perot filter device comprising a pair of low index substrates having a refractive index of less than 2.4 and mounted in parallel relationship so as to present facing sides to each other in an optical path. A coating is placed on the facing sides of each of said low index substrates, the coat ...

Gabriel A Bergman, Eugene J Takach, Marcus D Stoner, John B Amundson, Philip O Readio, Paul G Schwendinger, James A Wolfbauer, Jeff D Boll, Ian Thomson, Colin T Ferguson, George J Mcleod: Controller interface with multiple day programming. Honeywell International, Gregory M Ansems, October 3, 2006: US07114554 (227 worldwide citation)

A controller equipped with a user interface having multiple-day programming capabilities, including methods of programming such devices, are disclosed. The user interface may include one or more menus or screens that can be used to program a schedule for one or more selected days during the week. An ...

Ord Millar: Multi-electrode composition measuring device and method. Honeywell Measurex, Anthony E Ebert, Burns Doane, July 9, 2002: US06416651 (222 worldwide citation)

The Applicant's invention comprises an apparatus and method for determining the amount of one or more components in a pulping liquor. At a first electrode, a varying voltage is supplied in a voltage range including the half-wave potential of each component of a liquor to be measured, and accoun ...

Robert H Pray, Donald W Ramler, Curtis B Juliber: Automated building control design system. Honeywell, Donald J Lenkszus, December 5, 1989: US04885694 (220 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a computer system for substantially automating the design of a building control system. The system comprises a processor for processing data stored in a data base, the data being related to a building control system design and comprising both graphic and alpha-numeric information. The p ...

Brent D Larson: High efficiency polarized display. Honeywell, Kenneth J Johnson, May 12, 1998: US05751388 (218 worldwide citation)

An image display apparatus which employs a polarization-sensitive scattering element (PSSE). In the display, a light source is used to illuminate a panel which modulates light in order to form an image. Positioned between the light source and the panel is the PSSE which acts to effectively separate ...

Kathleen M Radke, Robert E DeMers, David J Lowry, William C Marshall Jr, Jon M Blomberg: Six-degree virtual pivot controller. Honeywell, John G Shudy Jr, June 29, 1993: US05223776 (216 worldwide citation)

An active virtual pivot hand controller using motors to control reflective forces and torques. Degree of freedom parameters, stops, and reflective force rates may be easily modified without altering hardware. The location of the virtual pivot of the hand controller may be likewise readily changed.

Dipak J Shah: Graphical user interface system for a thermal comfort controller. Honeywell International, July 22, 2003: US06595430 (216 worldwide citation)

A graphical user interface system for a thermal comfort controller. The user interface system has a central processing unit coupled to a memory and a touch sensitive display unit. The memory stores a temperature schedule data structure and perhaps a temperature history data structure. The temperatur ...

Jean Mollier: Method and device for protecting software delivered to a user by a supplier. Cii Honeywell Bull, Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke, July 28, 1987: US04683553 (214 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and a device for protecting software delivered to a user by a supplier. The method amounts to rendering the programs non-executable in the state in which they have been delivered to the users. With each program (P.sub.i) there is associated a validation key defined ...

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