Ed Rutter
Edward Rutter, Ahila Krishnamoorthy, Joseph Kennedy: Processable inorganic and organic polymer formulations, methods of production and uses thereof. Honeywell International, March 3, 2011: US20110054119-A1

Polymer formulations are disclosed and described herein that comprise: at least one polymer comprising at least one hydroxy functional group, at least one acid source, and at least one acid-activated crosslinker that reacts with the polymer. In contemplated embodiments, these polymer formulations ar ...

Dinesh Ramegowda
Rida M Hamza, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohideen, Dinesh Ramegowda, Thea L Feyereisen: Methods and apparatus for runway segmentation using sensor analysis. Honeywell International, Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz P C, November 2, 2010: US07826666 (9 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for determining whether a region of interest (ROI) includes a runway are provided. One system includes a camera for capturing an image of the ROI, an analysis module for generating a binary large object (BLOB) of at least a portion of the ROI, and a synthetic vision system includ ...

Dinesh Ramegowda
Mohammed Ibrahim, Dinesh Ramegowda: Enhanced situational awareness system and method. Honeywell International, Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz P C, October 18, 2011: US08040258 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for enhancing the situational awareness of an operator. Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) traffic data transmitted by a traffic entity are received. The ADS-B traffic data are processed to determine traffic entity position. The traffic entity posit ...

Dinesh Ramegowda
Mohammed Ibrahim, Dinesh Ramegowda, Peter J Seiler: Vision-based vehicle navigation system and method. Honeywell International, Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz P C, October 9, 2012: US08284997

A system and method of determining aircraft position on an aerodrome ground surface having a centerline disposed thereon is provided. A current image of the aerodrome ground surface is captured using a camera that has a known focal length and is disposed on a vehicle at a preset pitch angle. The cur ...

David W Burns, Henry Guckel, James D Zook: Opto-electro-mechanical device or filter, process for making, and sensors made therefrom. Honeywell, Ian D Mackinnon, September 24, 1996: US05559358 (374 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to microstructures fabricated from semiconductor material and having a flexible member which is excited into various modes of resonance and in which such resonance is read optically. By coupling the microstructure to a surface or material of interest, a drive means will ...

Cleopatra Cabuz: Electrostatically actuated mesopump having a plurality of elementary cells. Honeywell, John G Shudy Jr, November 17, 1998: US05836750 (315 worldwide citation)

A mesopump having a plurality of elementary cells and a method of pumping fluids using the mesopump. The cells each have a body forming a cavity having upper and lower electrodes with curved surfaces facing the other electrode. Electrical connections selectively energize the electrodes. A bistable d ...

Patricia A Dwyer: Automated query optimization method using both global and parallel local optimizations for materialization access planning for distributed databases. Honeywell Bull, William A Linnell, George Grayson, John S Solakian, September 6, 1988: US04769772 (303 worldwide citation)

In a Distributed Database System (DDS), database management and transaction management are extended to a distributed environment among a plurality of local sites which each have transaction server, file server, and data storage facilities. The Materialization and Access Planning (MAP) method of a di ...

William E Boebert, Richard Y Kain: Secure data processing system architecture with format control. Honeywell, John G Shudy Jr, December 15, 1987: US04713753 (299 worldwide citation)

Means and methods of securing protected system files in a data processing system are disclosed, wherein the information determining access rights of system users to the protected systems files remains at all times within a secure processor. Provision is also made for allowing the display or labeling ...

Barrett E Cole, Bernard S Fritz, Robert D Horning: Fabry-Perot micro filter-detector. Honeywell, John G Shudy Jr, August 27, 1996: US05550373 (281 worldwide citation)

A monolithically constructed infrared, tunable Fabry-Perot cavity filter-detector for spectroscopic detection of particular substances having an absorption line in the wavelength range from 2 to 12 microns. The filter-detector has a hermetically sealed Fabry-Perot cavity that has a mirror which has ...

Gabriel A Bergman, Eugene J Takach, Marcus D Stoner, John B Amundson, Philip O Readio, Paul G Schwendinger, James A Wolfbauer, Jeff D Boll, Ian Thomson, Colin T Ferguson, George J Mcleod: Controller interface with multiple day programming. Honeywell International, Gregory M Ansems, October 3, 2006: US07114554 (280 worldwide citation)

A controller equipped with a user interface having multiple-day programming capabilities, including methods of programming such devices, are disclosed. The user interface may include one or more menus or screens that can be used to program a schedule for one or more selected days during the week. An ...