KaiLi Jiang, Shoushan Fan, QunQing Li: Method for fabricating carbon nanotube yarn. Tsinghua University, Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, May 16, 2006: US07045108 (170 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating a long carbon nanotube yarn includes the following steps: (1) providing a flat and smooth substrate; (2) depositing a catalyst on the substrate; (3) positioning the substrate with the catalyst in a furnace; (4) heating the furnace to a predetermined temperature; (5) supplying ...

Timothy B Billman: Grounding scheme for a high speed backplane connector system. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, August 13, 2002: US06431914 (136 worldwide citation)

A modular electrical connector comprising a plurality of wafers and shielding plates, each wafer having an insulative housing and a plurality of contact elements extending therethrough, the wafer having two side surfaces with slots formed therethrough to isolate each adjacent pair of contact element ...

Ching Chung Wu: Cover for electronic device. Hon Hai Precision, Altis Law Group, August 21, 2012: US08245843 (126 worldwide citation)

The cover includes an interface, a bottom cover and a top cover. The interface is for connecting components embedded in the cover with the electronic device. The bottom cover and the top cover are connected by a hinge and the top cover is divided into at least three parts. Every adjacent two foldabl ...

Chao Hsu Chen, Ming Wu Lee, Kun Tsan Wu: Method for manufacturing a high density connector. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, April 2, 2002: US06363607 (126 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a high density connector comprises five steps. The first step is to prepare essential elements of the connector, such as a dielectric cover, a metallic shell, a pair of guiding members and a plurality of contacts. Each contact is L-shaped and comprises a horizontal solderin ...

Song Rong Chiou, Nan Tsung Huang, Hui Tze Tsai: Method for insert molding a contact module. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, October 3, 2000: US06125535 (120 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing an electrical connector having at least two rows of high density contacts, comprises steps of stamping and forming, depositing, insert molding, severing, and assembling. Each contact carrier strip has a number of contacts, a first carrier and a second carrier forming posit ...


Kun Tsan Wu, Yu Chen Chen, Chien Cheng Chen: IC card connector. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, August 28, 2001: US06280254 (107 worldwide citation)

An IC card connector comprises an insulative housing and a plurality of contacts. A plurality of passageways is defined through the insulative housing for receiving the corresponding contacts therein. Each contact comprises a first contacting arm, a second contacting arm and a retaining portion conn ...



Iosif R Korsunsky, Chong H Yi, Tod M Harlan, Eric D Juntwait: Electrical connector having circuit board modules positioned between metal stiffener and a housing. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, April 26, 2005: US06884117 (94 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector (100) includes a unitary insulative housing (1) including a base (10) defining a number of parallel slots (13) and a first shroud (11) extending forwardly from the base, a number of parallelly arranged circuit board modules (3) and a metal stiffener (2) attached to the housin ...

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