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An improved injection device has a casing containing an active substance reservoir, a cannula communicating with the reservoir, a device for inserting the cannula, and pump means for discharging the reservoir contents through the cannula. The cannula 11 is fixed relative to the casing and projects b ...

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The portable appliance is of use for the subcutaneous or intradermal injection of a liquid formulation of an active principle and it comprises in combination: a supply vessel for the formulation; an injection needle adapted to communicate with the vessel; pump means for emptying the vessel through t ...

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A process of detecting a target nucleic acid using labeled oligonucleotides which uses the 5' to 3' nuclease activity of a nucleic acid polymerase to cleave annealed labeled oligonucleotide from hybridized duplexes and thus releasing labeled oligonucleotide fragments for detection. This process is e ...

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Colorimetric methods and compositions for quantitatively determining the glucose content of blood plasma or serum by heating a deproteinized sample of blood plasma or serum with an alkaline ferricyanide solution, followed by the addition of ferric ions and a 5-(2-pyridyl)-2H-1,4-benzodiazepine or wa ...

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A device for introducing an active substance solution into a patient and with means for fastening to the skin and a cannula. The cannula is held in a withdrawn position by a retaining and releasing mechanism before use and, after release, is propelled into the patient's skin. A connector connected t ...

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Substituted PEG-interferon conjugates of formulae IA and IB where PEG is linked by means of activated linking reagents of formulae IIA, IIB, or IIB-1 to an amino group in the interferon, and activated linking reagents of formulae IIA, IIB, or IIB-1. The conjugates are not readily susceptible to in v ...

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This invention is directed to 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-naphthyl or indanyl stilbene derivatives which are useful as tumor inhibiting agents, in the treatment of neoplasms, dermatological conditions and rheumatic illnesses.

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There is disclosed herein a machine for performing nucleic acid amplification under computer control. The machine utilizes any one of a number of heating and cooling systems under control of a host computer which directs the heating and cooling systems to heat and cool a reaction-chamber-containing ...

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An apparatus for monitoring multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously. In order to provide real-time monitoring of the amplification product of multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously the apparatus is characterized in that it comprises a thermal cycler (12) including a heat con ...