Andreas G Weichert
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Compounds of the formula I ##STR1## in which the symbols have the meanings indicated in the claims, have outstanding antiarrhythmic properties. They exhibit a cardioprotective component. They can inhibit or greatly decrease, in a preventive manner, the pathophysiological processes in the formation o ...

Simon J T Mao, Mark T Yates, Roger A Parker: Method of lowering serum cholesterol levels with 2,6-di-alkyl-4-silyl-phenols. Hoechst Marion Roussel, T Helen Payne, October 5, 1999: US05962435 (53 worldwide citation)

A method of lowering plasma cholesterol level in a patient with hypercholesterolemia, by administration of a compound of formula (1) ##STR1## wherein: R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 are each independently a C.sub.1 -C.sub.6 alkyl group;

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Novel isoquinoline-3-carboxamides of the formula I: ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 is hydrogen or chlorine, R.sup.2 is hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy, chlorine, trifluoromethyl, hydroxyl, or benzyloxy which is optionally substituted, or fluoroalkoxy of the formula O--[CH.sub.2 ].sub.x --C.sub.f H.sub.(2f+1-g) F ...

Shohre Nabahi: Hoechst Marion Roussel, Bierman Muserlian and Lucas, March 21, 2000: US06039968 (52 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an intravaginal drug delivery system having a first intravaginal part comprising at least one active agent in a polymer matrix, said first part being provided in association with a second part comprising a removable polymer membrane arranged to absorb excess active agent. Use ...

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Peptides that bind to the interleukin-1 type I receptor (IL-1RtI) can be used to assay the amount of IL-1R, or an IL-1R agonist or antagonist, in a sample and comprise a sequence of amino acids selected from the group consisting of (1) WXXXGZ.sub.1 W where Z.sub.1 is L, I, A, or Q; (2) XXQZ.sub.5 YZ ...

Shohre Nabahi: Hoechst Marion Roussel, Bierman Muserlian and Lucas, August 15, 2000: US06103256 (37 worldwide citation)

An intravaginal drug delivery device comprising at least one active agent dispersed in a polymer matrix, wherein the concentration of active agent at the outer surface of the device at the time of use is not substantially higher than the concentration of the active agent in the remainder of the devi ...

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A particular subject of the invention is the products of formula (I): ##STR1## in which: R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 represent in particular cyano and trifluoromethyl,

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This application relates to a retractable batch reactor sampler that is temporarily attached to a reactor, for use in sampling small volumes of a reaction mixture within a reactor on single or multiple occasions, and then detached from the reactor, all without affecting an inert gas blanket already ...


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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## in all possible racemic, enantiomeric and diastereoisomeric forms and their non-toxic, pharmaceutically acceptable salts with acids and bases having antagonistic properties for angiotensin II receptors and a process and novel intermediates for their properties.