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A food mixer of the planetary type has a detachable bowl scraper mounted on a supporting member for orbiting the beater. The mounting means comprises a bracket fastened to the main drive shaft of the mixer by means of a single bolt. The scraper includes an arm which is detachably mounted to the brac ...

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A combined weighing scale and label printer for weighing a packaged commodity (15) includes a scale (10), a keyboard (60), a display (70), a controller (40) and a label printer (30). Memory means (170) within the controller contains a commodity name and other relevant product information. The operat ...

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A dishwasher such as a domestic dishwashing machine has a first recirculating path for recirculating wash and rinse fluids through nozzles which spray the fluid onto food ware items in the wash chamber of the warewasher. Fluid is also circulated from the wash chamber through a soil collecting circui ...

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A refrigerated appliance for use as a salad bar includes an enclosure having a refrigeration unit mounted therein and a cooled food storage compartment. An upper wall of the storage compartment is provided with openings for receiving a plurality of foodstuff containers having bottom wall surfaces wh ...

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An apparatus and method for storing and dispensing comestibles, such as ice cream, has a cabinet defining an interior for holding a plurality of stacked ice cream containing magazines. A refrigeration system for cooling the interior of the cabinet below the freezing point of the ice cream is connect ...

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A multiple-fill dishwasher and method includes a wash chamber having a sump at the bottom thereof, a remotely controlled inlet valve for supplying cleansing liquid into the sump, a drain for draining liquid and entrained soil from the sump, and a recirculating pump having a spraying system receiving ...

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The pusher plate which pushes foodstuffs through the chute to the food processor in a vegetable slicer is divided, each portion being separately operable and having divider walls for selectively reducing the effective capacity of the chute to expedite handling of small and odd-sized foodstuffs.

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A gas convection oven includes a heating chamber having a gas combustion chamber formed therein and a blower positioned within the combustion chamber for circulating air through the heating and combustion chambers. The blower defines a low pressure inlet centrally of the combustion chamber for recei ...

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A digital type temperature indicator employs a thermistor temperature sensor and first and second comparator circuits, each having two inputs, one connected to the thermistor and the other connected to an adjustable reference representing a reference temperature level. A first indicator lamp indicat ...

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Labels are positioned within selected labeling regions on packages processed by a packaging system or carried by a package conveyor by means of horizontally shifting a package labeler relative to packages to be labeled in response to package dimensions which define the edges of the packages. Label p ...