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A highly portable personal processor module (PPM) for use in a variety of docking stations, each of which can be connected to the personal processor via a standard connector, the personal processor and docking station when so connected defining a complete computer system, the personal processor cont ...

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A system, method, apparatus, means, and computer program code for facilitating security in a network, particularly a distributed network. According to embodiments of the present invention an apparatus or system may include a manager in communication with one or more mappers and one or more adapters ...

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A housing and cooling structure for a personal processor module (PPM) is provided which includes a case which is sealed and will fit within both a desktop sized docking station and a smaller notebook sized docking station. Within the case, the components which make up the PPM are located in such a w ...

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An electronic terminal (1) such as an information kiosk or cash dispenser is mounted behind a window (2) in a shop and usable through the glass (2) by means of a non-contact card (4), thus obviating the need to cut a hole in the glass to accomodate a card-reader (5) or other input device.

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The present invention is an inline tester for analyzing the integrity of a disk drive. Structurally, the inline tester includes a set of statistical and diagnostic routines included in the ROM of a disk drive and a diagnostic logic section included in the drive's logic board. In initial use, the inl ...

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The present invention is a method and apparatus for predicting the future failure of a disk drive. Structurally, the present invention is implemented as a series of diagnostic and statistical routines contained in a ROM on the logic board of a disk drive. The routines detect errors that occur during ...

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The present invention provides a system of hardware and software that combine to form a redundant array of disk drives. This array provides a double means of redundancy that can reconstruct data from two simultaneously failed disks. The double redundancy means is implemented by two separate algorith ...

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The present invention relates to a method for discriminating the morphology of a passenger seating in an automotive seat, comprising the steps of i) providing a set of a plurality of capacitive sensors (100) covering substantially a transversal cross section of a seat, ii) collecting the outputs of ...

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A detection assembly for detecting a morphology of a person is provided. The assembly includes a sensor and a processing unit. The sensor includes (i) first and second main linear electrodes covering different zones of a plane, and (ii) a third auxiliary linear electrode having substantially at leas ...

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A video picture written in the bit map memory (4) is displayed in a predetermined area on the display screen (70) of the display device (7) within the computer main body (100). The masking memory (2) having a bit number equal to or less than the number of the pixels of the video picture to be inputt ...