Wayne V Sorin, Brian L Heffner: Polarization independent optical coherence-domain reflectometry. Hewlett Packard Company, April 13, 1993: US05202745 (244 worldwide citation)

An optical coherence-domain reflectometry system provides an interferometer driven by a broadband incoherent light source with the device under test connected to one arm of the interferometer and a movable scanning mirror in the other arm providing a reference signal. The mirror moves at a controlle ...

Tad D Simons: Dual-finger vital signs monitor. Hewlett Packard Company, Jack H Wu, October 6, 1992: US05152296 (241 worldwide citation)

A Dual-Finger Vital Signs Monitor is disclosed. The present invention overcomes problems suffered by previous patient monitors by providing a simultaneous and continuous measurement of three primary vital signs: ECG and heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. The invention employs a ...

Jeffrey J Walls, David J Sweetser: System and method for selective and continuous index generation. Hewlett Packard Company, December 8, 1998: US05848410 (240 worldwide citation)

To improve access to documents in a large database, such as the World Wide Web of the Internet or a group intranet, a continuously updated computer organization and display system, and a method for such an organization and display system, is provided to quickly locate desired documents without gener ...

Ken L Burgess, John S Marvin: Method of encoding an E-mail address in a fax message and routing the fax message to a destination on a network. Hewlett Packard Company, Edward L Miller, May 19, 1992: US05115326 (239 worldwide citation)

A fax message transmitted by a facsimile transmitter includes bar coded headers in its first page. At least one of these headers contains the name of an addressee that is also a user on a network. A fax server receiving the incoming fax message inspects the first page of the incoming facsimile to lo ...

John R Diamant, Gary L Thunquest: Process enaction and tool integration via a task oriented paradigm. Hewlett Packard Company, June 25, 1996: US05530861 (239 worldwide citation)

A task manager for providing personal organization, project management, and process automation capabilities. The task manager maintains a hierarchical list of tasks for an individual. For each task, notes can be kept, priorities set, and progress tracked. Also, subsets of the task hierarchy can be s ...

Siegfried Kaestle: Oximeter and medical sensor therefor. Hewlett Packard Company, Richard Schuette, October 22, 1991: US05058588 (239 worldwide citation)

A medical sensor for measuring oxygen saturation contains encoding means for encoding the type of sensor. An oximeter comprises corresponding decoding means. The type of sensor represents the place of application at the human body. The oximeter uses this information to calculate oxygen saturation in ...

James J Wolff: Distributed I/O store. Hewlett Packard Company, March 28, 2000: US06044367 (238 worldwide citation)

The current invention provides a method for improving throughput to or from a resource by allowing multiple servers to concurrently access the resource without affecting the integrity of the resource. Generally, by allowing one server to handle the administrative management of a resource, while allo ...

Stephen T Gase, Craig R White: Printer/client network with centrally updated printer drivers and printer status monitoring. Hewlett Packard Company, December 3, 1996: US05580177 (237 worldwide citation)

A network includes plural client processors, a file server and plural printers. Each client processor has memory that stores a printer driver procedure which enables the client processor to interface with at least one printer type. The file server includes memory for storing a most updated printer d ...

Rajiv Gupta, Prasad Raje: Microprocessor having software controllable power consumption. Hewlett Packard Company, November 30, 1999: US05996083 (237 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor is provided which includes a power control register for controlling the rate of execution and therefore the power consumption of individual functional units. The power control register includes a plurality of fields corresponding to the functional units for storing values that contr ...

Bruce Cowger, Donald B Ouchida, Robert R Beeson: Unit print head assembly for ink-jet printing. Hewlett Packard Company, October 15, 1996: US05565900 (235 worldwide citation)

Ink-jet pens having multiple print heads are manufactured with readily replaceable unit print head assemblies that facilitate testing of print head performance prior to complete assembly of the pen.

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