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A method of accessing a target entity over a communication network employs a distributed database system similar top the DNS of the Internet; indeed the DNS may be used as the required distributed database. The distributed database stores records, each associated with a corresponding domain name and ...

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A semiconductor device has a light-emitting diode covered by a transparent spacer which separates the LED from a uniformly thick fluorescent material containing layer such that there is a more uniform lighting of the fluorescent material containing layer to provide a uniform white light.

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A data protection system that integrates a database with Windows Explorer in the Microsoft Windows 9X and NT Environments that mimics the Windows Explorer user interface, enabling the user to apply already known use paradigms. The data protection system appears as an extension to Windows Explorer an ...

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A blood sampling apparatus for sampling blood from the skin of a patient for analysis. The apparatus includes a cartridge and a housing with a driver. The cartridge has a cartridge case, lancet, and a compartment associated with the cartridge case for receiving blood. The lancet is housed in the car ...

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A cassette containing cartridges for sampling blood from a patient. The cassette includes a container for storing a plurality of cartridges and at least one cartridge in the container. The cartridge includes a cartridge case and a lancet. The lancet has a tip and is housed in the cartridge case. The ...

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A backup system includes backup application software operating on a host computer, which is configurable to store data to be backed up to a backup apparatus. The system is configurable to schedule and enact a pre-backup check, prior to running the actual scheduled backup job so that any faults which ...

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A flexible patient monitoring system which interfaces a telemetry subsystem with a network by way of a telemetry transmission receiving system and a network controller. The telemetry subsystem includes one or more monitoring instruments, a multiport transmitter, a telemetry subsystem interface, a ba ...

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Web access functionality is embedded in a device to enable low cost widely accessible and enhanced user interface functions for the device. A web server in the device provides access to the user interface functions for the device through a device web page. A network interface in the device enables a ...

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The novel pen body construction described herein includes multiple ink storage compartments communicating with a multi-orifice printhead, and these compartments are adapted to receive sections of ink-storage foam. Preferably, this foam is a reticulated polyurethane foam of controlled porosity and ca ...

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A portable hand-held monitor (1) for monitoring vital signs is connected, via a single connector (7), with a cable (9). This cable ends up in a combiner (10) which, in turn, receives plugs (12a to 12d) leading, via cables (11a to 11d), to single sensors or transducers applied to a patient. Portable ...