Ralph Ewall: Wound dressing having a fenestrated base layer. Hercules Incorporated, Martin F Sloan, Mark Goldberg, September 17, 1996: US05556375 (536 worldwide citation)

An island wound dressing comprising a fenestrated base layer, an absorbent pad positioned in the base layer fenestration, and a liquid and microorganism impermeable, gas and moisture vapor permeable cover sheet.

Ralph Ewall: Multi-purpose wound dressing. Hercules Incorporated, Martin F Sloan, Mark Goldberg, March 4, 1997: US05607388 (516 worldwide citation)

Liquid and pathogen impermeable island wound dressing which can be adhesively bonded to the skin surrounding a wound is provided with a liquid and gas permeable exudate absorbing pad, and a plurality of sequentially removable liquid and microorganism impermeable, gas and moisture vapor permeable cov ...

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Water-soluble, alkaline curing resins which are the reaction products of an epihalohydrin and a polymer of a diallylamine are disclosed. The resins are particularly useful as wet strength agents for paper and additionally give superior dry strength to paper.

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Cellulose ethers are disclosed which have sufficient nonionic substitution to render them water soluble and which are further modified with a C.sub.10 to C.sub.24 long chain alkyl group in an amount between about 0.2% by weight and the amount which makes them less than 1% soluble in water. Hydroxyet ...

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A process of aligning or realigning a liquid crystal medium adjacent to a coated or uncoated substrate comprising exposing anisotropically absorbing molecules to linearly polarized light of a wavelength or wavelengths within the absorption band of the anisotropically absorbing molecules, wherein (a) ...

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The present invention provides medical devices comprised of ionically crosslinked polymer, especially, stents, catheter or cannula components, plugs, and constrictors. The medical devices of the present invention are prepared by treatment of ionically crosslinkable polymer compositions with crosslin ...

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Protective articles such as diapers, having filmless hydrophobic barrier elements such as cuffs and backing sheets. The barrier cuffs--which can be, for instance, leg cuffs and waistbands--and the backing sheets can be provided from fabrics having a fabric weight of at least 10 gsy; these fabrics ar ...

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A process for impregnating a medical device made from a water absorbable polymer material, e.g., a hydrogel, with a medical compound having low solubility in aqueous solutions, e.g., an antiseptic or radiopaque compound, is disclosed. The device is first infiltrated with an aqueous solution containi ...

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A composite nonwoven fabric-like laminate which includes an integrated mat of polymeric microfibers having a diameter of less than 30 microns and a layer of nonwoven linearly oriented thermoplastic netting, the mat and netting being either continuously bonded or spot-bonded to produce a laminate wit ...

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A liquid crystal polymer film or fiber comprising polymeric liquid crystals having aligned multiple oriented mesogens and a process for preparing such a polymeric liquid crystal film or fiber comprising aligning in a multi-oriented state a nematic or smectic monomeric mesophase (liquid crystal monom ...