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The process employs the transacetalisation method with butanol to give a new alkyl glycoside which is distinguished by good colour stability in alkaline medium and contains, besides a large amount of alkyl monoglycoside, also polyglycose or polyglycose and butyl glycoside.

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1. Process for the preparation of stabilised, substituted diperoxysuccinic acids by reacting an anhydride of the formula see diagramm : EP0179223,P3,F1 in which R denotes a linear or branched alkyl radical having 4 to 20 C atoms or aryl, with an oxidation mixture consisting of hydrogen peroxide, wat ...

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Bei einer Vorrichtung mit mindestens einem fest angeformten Seitensteg, insbesondere Regaleinsatz, zum Darbieten von Verkaufsartikeln, soll eine Lösung geschaffen werden, die bei einer gattungsgemässen Vorrichtung eine materialsparende und wirtschaftliche Herstellung sowie eine einfache Anpassung an ...

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The invention relates to a novel amylolytic enzyme extracted from the micro-organism Bacillus sp. A7-7 (DSM 12368), to sufficiently similar proteins having an amylolytic function, to methods for the production thereof and to diverse fields of application for these proteins. In addition, they can be ...

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1. Multi-component package, of washing, rinsing or cleansing agents for the direct use in washing, rinsing or cleaning machines, consisting of an outer sachet for the reception of at least a first product component and at least a further inwardly disposed body for the reception of at least a further ...

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The invention concerns the use of selected esters which are free-flowing and pumpable over the temperature range 0-5 DEG C as the oil phase in invert oil muds suitable for use in the development of oil and gas fields and which do not damage the environment. The esters are prepared from monofunctiona ...

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The invention describes the use of esters, which are fluid at room temperature and have flashpoints above 80 DEG C, selected from monocarboxylic acids or synthetic and/or natural origin with 6 to 11 C atoms and monofunctional and/or multifunctional alcohols as the oil phase or a component thereof in ...

Alkaline blonding mixtures. Henkel Kgaa, October 17, 1979: GB1554331-A (50 worldwide citation)

The alkaline bleaching composition which contains hydrogen peroxide and persulphate additionally contains a mixture of the direct blue dyes a) 2'-methyl-4'-(N-ethyl-N-m-sulphobenzyl)amino-4''-(N-diethyl)- amino-2-methyl-N-ethyl-N-m-sulphobenzylfuchsonimonium (Brilliant Blue R 28032 ex.conc., C.I. 42 ...

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Compacted granules of given particle size are obtained from preliminary mixtures of at least partly solid constituents of washing and cleaning agents by addition of water-soluble, water-dispersible or water-emulsifiable plasticizers and/or lubricants. The preliminary mixture is worked into a homogen ...

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Use of selected esters of monofunctional alcohols with 2 to 12, in particular 4 to 12, C atoms and aliphatically saturated monocarboxylic acids with 12 to 16 C atoms, which are fluid and pumpable in the temperature range of 0 to 5 DEG C, as the oil phase of invert drilling sludges, suitable for non- ...