Li Shikui, Zhou Qiang, Kang Baolong: Internal taper hole processing equipment and method of ultra supercritical boiler secondary mixer. Harbin Boiler Factory, chen xiaoguang, January 26, 2011: CN201010250695 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses an internal taper hole processing method of an ultra supercritical boiler secondary mixer. The traditional processing method has the disadvantages of low processing efficiency and high tool cost. The internal taper hole processing equipment of the ultra supercritical boiler s ...



Li Songsheng, Sun Wenchao, Et Al: Coal powder flame stabilizing method and burner by use of wall-attached efflur. Harbin Boiler Factory, LI BOYU, December 20, 1989: CN88102411

This invention relates to a coal powder flame stabilizing method and burner by means of the wall-attached efflux. it utilizes the wall-attachment effect of turbulent efflux and aerodynamics method to divide a bind of efflux which has the normal concn. of coal powder and higher flow speed into two pa ...

Wang Huiyu, Wu Huibin: Piloted safety valve. Harbin Boiler Factory, Ministry Of Machine Building, LI BOYU, December 10, 1986: CN85104248

This invention relates to an assemblage of a pilot valve, a electromagnet and a main relief valve. The pilot valve is a kind of direct-loading spring relief valve with an added electromagnetic controlling device, the disk of this valve is controlled by an electrical control system as well as the set ...