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A system, method, and computer program product assist a technician in troubleshooting an aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU). A portable computer is couplable of download the fault data captured in a memory of the ECU. The fault data corresponds to one or more instances of APU failure. The computer ...

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A combustor assembly includes a combustor chamber having a primary and intermediate zone that provides for reduced flame temperatures. The combustor assembly includes first and second pluralities of injectors. The first plurality of injectors introduces fuel to a primary zone. A second plurality of ...

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A thermal management system avoids problems associated with the recirculation of fuel through a fuel tank on an aircraft in a system that includes a fuel reservoir (

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A wound field synchronous machine includes direct oil cooling along a conductive sleeve with elongated semi-arcuate shaped channels which alternate with damper bar channels containing tie-rod supports structures. With a reduction in sleeve thickness permitted by the direct cooling, the overall weigh ...

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An improved single engine military aircraft is provided through the use of an improved secondary power system which incorporates an additional accessory drive, and utilizes improved multi-path system architecture together with optimal distribution of accessories to thereby enhance partial operationa ...


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A power distribution assembly (PDA) includes a plurality of power modules that are installed within a chassis that is mounted to a vehicle, such as an aircraft. The power modules are used to control aircraft systems such as braking, navigation, or temperature control systems. The PDA includes first ...

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A high-power electrodynamic machine has a relatively elongated rotor. In a preferred generator embodiment, a rotor having a winding formed integral therewith is integral to a hollow shaft mounted within a stator having a plurality of windings. The shaft has an axial end region with an inlet for a co ...

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A data communication analysis and simulation tool capable of simulating in real time the transmissions and data responses of at least one line replaceable unit communicating on at least one communication bus with at least one line replaceable unit under test, comprising a computer operating under a ...