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Cancer diagnosis device contains an endoscope comprising a light pipe used to transmit light beams from respective light sources and an image guide used to observe the flesh of the organism during both diagnosis and treatment. The tip of the endoscope faces toward the focuses where a photosensitive ...

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A method of simultaneous multiplex recording and regenerating of pictures and multichannel data, which comprises recording multichannel analog data or digital data, together with pictures on a video tape recorder by sequentially converting the data into digital signals by a multiplexer and an A/D co ...

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A television system using an infrared vidicon is used for displaying the pupil of a human eye to provide a measure of pupil size. Line scanning video signals scanned across the pupil may be monitored and clipped at a predetermined threshold level to determine the width of the pupil and therefore the ...

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Light emission to be observed is repeatedly started by starting means when each timing interval is maintained much longer than the sustaining time of the light emission. An image initiated by the starting means is incident on the photoelectric plate of an electron beam shutter tube when produced by ...

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Using a conventional camera tube, a streak image of light pulse formed on a streaking image tube is converted into an electronic signal, progressively scanned, without interlaced scanning, using scanning lines n-times as many as in standard scanning, and stored in a picture memory unit. The memorize ...


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A tungsten double coil covered with cathode material made from a paste of carbonate mixed with organic solvent. The coil is mounted around a molybdenum cylinder having a cavity in which a heater is installed.


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A method and device for displaying an image including an object to be measured on the screen of a television receiver and for measuring movement and other characteristics of the object in a measuring device so composed that a region of the image including the object is locally scanned for a predeter ...

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