Harry A Linden: Method and apparatus for sterilizing and charging batteries. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Stuart E Kreiger, February 3, 1987: US04641076 (275 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for providing sterile, charged batteries for use in a sterile field. The method includes the steps of placing at least one battery in a sterilization container, sterilizing the battery within the container, charging the battery while maintaining it in a sterile state within th ...

John Pascaloff: Arthroscopic surgical apparatus and method. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Todd A Dawson, May 12, 1992: US05112299 (153 worldwide citation)

The arthroscopic surgery instrument includes an elongated outer sheath member having substantially fully open distal and proximal ends, and an inner hollow cylindrical cutting blade member rotatable within the sheath member. The cutting blade member has a distal end that is substantially fully open. ...

Felix Carstens: Coupling assembly. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Stuart E Krieger, September 5, 1989: US04863201 (90 worldwide citation)

A coupling assembly includes a female coupling member that can be connected to a fluid supply source and a male coupling member that can be quickly coupled to the female coupling member and quickly separated from the female coupling member. A pair of spaced latching members provided on the female co ...

John H Pascaloff: Irrigating saw blade. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Todd A Dawson, June 16, 1992: US05122142 (86 worldwide citation)

The surgical saw blade includes a main body portion and a cover portion joined to provide an enclosed manifold space. Irrigation channels extend from the manifold space to saw teeth provided on the saw blade. In one embodiment of the invention the saw teeth are provided at an end portion of the saw ...

John H Pascaloff: Blade collet. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Cary R Reeves, November 30, 1993: US05265343 (54 worldwide citation)

A collet for attaching a blade to a surgical saw is biased toward a closed position in which the blade is securely clamped between a drive member and a clamping member. A rotational movement of a knob is converted into a translational movement of the clamp to open the collet. A mechanism is provided ...

John H Pascaloff: Apparatus for translating rotational motion and torque. Hall Surgical division of Zimmer, Robert D Yeager, February 10, 1987: US04641551 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides apparatus which can be incorporated into a powered instrument that rotates a tool at varying rotational speeds and torques. The invention includes at least two drive plates, each of which rotates at a different speed and which exerts a different magnitude of torque. A ...

Drew Peterson: Tubing organizer. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Robert D Yeager, Christine R Ethridge, February 3, 1987: US04639980 (34 worldwide citation)

An improved tubing organizer for hospital use having Velcro.RTM. straps, a Teflon.RTM. loop and a stainless steel clip connected by stainless steel eyelets. The improved tubing organizer is able to withstand repeated exposure to temperatures up to two hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit and can be per ...

Harry A Linden: Irrigation system for surgical procedures. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Stuart Krieger, May 28, 1991: US05019038 (28 worldwide citation)

An irrigation system for cooling a surgical cutting tool, cutting site and/or flushing debris from the cutting site during surgery includes a first conduit connected to a source of sterile irrigation fluid and a second conduit adapted to be supported on the cutting tool to deliver irrigation fluid t ...

Harry A Linden: Oral implant. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Stuart E Krieger, August 8, 1989: US04854873 (23 worldwide citation)

The oral implant is in the shape of a cylinder with a flat proximal end and a rounded distal end. Projecting members are formed on the cylindrical surface that taper from the proximal end of the cylindrical body toward the distal end thereof. The projecting members are radially spaced, and in one em ...

Harry A Linden: Method for implant removal. Hall Surgical Division of Zimmer, Cary R Reeves, March 1, 1994: US05290291 (16 worldwide citation)

An implant being securely fixed in a bone by a layer of plastic cement is removed by supplying a pressurized fluid to the interface between the cement and the implant.