William H Brawner, James O Umphries: Retractable leash. H P G IV, Brown & Martin, August 28, 1979: US04165713 (42 worldwide citation)

A retractable leash for dogs and like pets includes a housing having a generally cylindrical cavity in which a rotatable reel is mounted and spring biased in one direction with a flexible leash member wound on the reel and extending externally of the housing and connected to a handle. The handle is ...

Michael P Williams, William H Brawner: Skateboard chassis. H P G IV, Brown & Martin, August 29, 1978: US04109925 (28 worldwide citation)

A skateboard truck includes an axle assembly which is quickly detachable from the truck mounting pad by means of a tension bolt fitting within a slotted bracket in the mounting pad for quick detachment therefrom. The skateboard truck assembly is provided with tension screw assembly that is mounted a ...