Improvements in apparatus for damping torsional oscillations. Gyorgy Jendrassik, Ganz And Company, February 28, 1951: GB650746-A (8 worldwide citation)

650,746. Torsional vibration-dampers. JENDRASSIK G., and GANZ & CO., Ltd. Dec. 29, 1947, No. 34465. Convention date, July 3, 1941. [Class 108(iii)] In an apparatus for damping torsional oscillations of a shaft of the kind employing an annular oscillating mass arranged around the axis of rotation of ...

Improvements in or relating to plate heat exchangers for fluids. Gyorgy Jendrassik, June 13, 1951: GB654395-A (6 worldwide citation)

654,395. Plate heat-exchangers. JENDRASSIK, G. Dec. 30, 1947, No. 34878. Convention date, May 22, 1942. [Class 64(iii)] Relates to heat exchangers comprising a bank of hollow elements located in a casing, one fluid flowing over the elements and a second fluid flowing through the elements by way of i ...

Improvements in or relating to heat exchangers. Gyorgy Jendrassik, November 26, 1952: GB683282-A (5 worldwide citation)

683,282. Rotary regenerative heat-exchangers, JENDRASSIK, G. Dec. 30, 1947 [Jan. 28, 1943]. No. 34879/47. Class 64 (i) Relates to rotary regenerators for the exchange of heat between gaseous fluids at substantially differing pressures and comprising a matrix having heat transferring cells connecting ...

Improvements in pressure exchangers. Gyorgy Jendrassik, October 18, 1950: GB644812-A (2 worldwide citation)

644,812. Pressure exchangers. JENDRASSIK, G. Dec. 29,1947, No. 34466. Convention date, Oct. 3, 1944. [Class 8(i)] [Also in Group XXVI] A pressure exchanger comprises an externally operated rotor 1 having axially extending chambers 3 and stator end parts 2, 2'. Air or other fluid to be compressed is ...

Improvements relating to the scavenging of the cylinders of two-stroke-cycle internal combustion engines. Gyorgy Jendrassik, July 7, 1932: GB376774-A (1 worldwide citation)

376,774. Cylinders. JENDRASSIK, G., 43, Kelenhegyi-ut, Budapest. April 7, 1931, No. 10185. Convention date, April 8, 1930. [Class 7 (ii).] In a two-stroke cylinder, one or more exhaust ports 4 are arranged at the axis of whirl o: scavenging air entering by paral lel terminal ports 3 which may lead i ...

Improvements on reciprocating pumps. Gyorgy Jendrassik, July 7, 1932: GB375935-A

375,935. Reciprocating pumps for liquids or gases. JENDRASSIK, G., 43, Kelenhegyi-ut, Budapest. May 4, 1931, No. 13069. Convention date, May 6, 1930. [Classes 8 (i) and 102 (i).] A crank or eccentric 6 transmits motion to a slide 5 which reciprocates the piston 2 ; the gas or liquid is distributed b ...

Improvements in internal combustion engines. Gyorgy Jendrassik, Ganz & Comp Danubius Machine R, June 13, 1929: GB289095-A

289,095. Jendrassik, G., and Ganz & Co. Danubius Machine Railway Carriage Manufacturing & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. April 21, 1927, [Convention date]. Pistons, cooling.-In an internal-combustion engine, the piston is cooled by lubricating oil projected from a nozzle 17 adjacent the crank case.

Improvements in or relating to fuel pumps. Gyorgy Jendrassik, Ganz &, October 27, 1930: GB314355-A

314,355. Jendrassik, G., and Ganz & Co., Ltd., (formerly Ganz and Co.-Danubius Machine, Railway Carriage Manufacturing & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.). June 25, 1923, [Convention date]. Cam-, lever-, and spring - actuated pumps; disconnecting actuating- mechanism; stroke, varying; timing-devices. -In a fu ...