Pollock James Richard Allan, Weir Michael Joseph: Treatment of alcoholic beverages. Guinness Son & A, January 7, 1970: GB1177126-A (20 worldwide citation)

1,177,126. Cellulose acetate composition. ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) Ltd. 25 June, 1968 [10 July, 1967], No. 31572/67. Heading B5B. [Also in Divisions B1 and C6] A membrane for the fractionation of alcoholic beverages is formed from a dispersion of cellulose acetate in acetone containing mag ...


Preparation of beverages containing gas in solution. Guinness Son & A, April 29, 1981: GB1588624-A (14 worldwide citation)

Procédé de préparation de boissons gazeuses, telles que bière. Procédé caracterisé en ce qu'on réalise un emballage étanche contenant la boisson, avec en solution au moins l'un des gaz choisis dans le groupe formé par un gaz inerte et du gaz carbonique, on ouvre l'emballage scellé et on fait subir à ...

Wainwright Trevor: Enzymes. Guinness Son & A, May 17, 1972: GB1274869-A (8 worldwide citation)

1,274,869. Enzyme coatings. ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) Ltd. 5 Feb., 1970 [11 Feb., 1969], No. 7240/69. Heading B2E. [Also in Division C3] An enzyme is insolubilised by chemical bonding to a synthetic resin in the form of a film on a surface. The resin may be ethylene maleic acid copolymer; i ...

Quinn Thomas Patrick: A liquid dispensing system and packaging apparatus which includes such a system.. Guinness Son & A, April 10, 1991: EP0421597-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

A liquid dispensing system and a packaging apparatus which includes such a system has a chamber 6 of a chryogenic vessel 2 containing a reservoir of liquid gas 1 (such as nitrogen, oxygen or argon) which is to be dispensed in doses 26 through an outlet port 12 which is in constant communication with ...

Hedderick John Barclay, Rutty Brian Robert, Walshe John Justin: A fluid pressure control valve and a system which includes such a valve.. Guinness Son & A, November 2, 1988: EP0289213-A2 (7 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure control valve and a fluid control system (such as for beverage dispensing) with such a valve has a beverage passage (3), pressure fluctuations in which are detected by a diaphragm (17) to displace a sensing member (15) axially against spring loading (23). Spring (23) reacts on thrus ...

Kerslake Ralph Trevor, Restrick David James: Method and means for the bulk dispensing of liquids containing gases in solution. Guinness Son & A, March 30, 1967: GB1063753-A (7 worldwide citation)

A fine, homogeneous and enduring head is produced on beer dispensed from a tank in which it is stored under gas pressure, by injecting into it in the dispensing pipeline immediately upstream of a foam-promoting perforated screen or other restriction, a jet of inert gas such as air, nitrogen, or nitr ...

Hildebrand Peter Cedric Roy, Hildebrand Seward Harold: Method and apparatus for manufacturing packaged beverages and packages manufactured by such method.. Guinness Son & A, March 19, 1980: EP0008886-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for manufacturing a beverage package such as a bottle, carton or can containing beer, lager, ale, or stout. To alleviate contamination of the beverage in the sealed package by oxygen, the headspace of the container is filled prior to sealing of the container, with a froth o ...

Byrne William John: A method of packaging a beverage and a package structure.. Guinness Son & A, March 28, 1990: EP0360375-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of packaging a beverage and a package structure has a cylindrical tube 1 over an end 3 of which is located a partition wall 2 having a restricted orifice 6. A closure wall 7 is located over the partition wall 2 and both walls are sealed, for example by crimping, to the rim of the tube 1. A ...

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