Rigging with a free, independently pivoting aerofoil.. Guichard Philippe, March 9, 1984: FR2532614-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a rigging, in particular for boats, the high-efficiency aerofoil of which is load-bearing in addition to being propulsive. This rigging is characterised in that only the orientation of the plane in which the aerofoil is situated is controlled, the aerofoil itself positioning ...

Management of continuously variable automobile transmissions. Guichard Philippe Jean Claude, July 19, 1996: FR2729343-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

An automobile fitted with continuously variable transmission has an electrical generator connected to the internal combustion engine. The generator supplies an electrical traction motor and the system allows two modes of transmission (A), (B). The first mode (A) gives continuously variable transmiss ...

Aerodynamic helmet. Guichard Philippe, October 19, 1990: FR2645719-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an aerodynamic helmet which, for the same overall size and cost as a conventional helmet, has reduced aerodynamic drag and greater stability. Its shell 1 of conventional general shape includes, substantially at the periphery of its principal cross-section 2 or slightly in fr ...


Jean Claude Guichard Philippe, Jean Pierre Schlotterbeck: Tape measure with ribbon data storage elements. Guichard Philippe Jean Claude, Schlotterbeck Jean Pierre, October 27, 1995: FR2719112-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The tape measure is a conventional flexible graduated tape (1) enclosed in a box (2) with means for extending the tape and retracting it by spring tension back into the casing (2) which contains a loudspeaker (4) and microphone (5) together with electronic circuits to allow recording of sound. The c ...

Guichard Philippe, Braun Jean Paul, Wackermann Guy: Process for the treatment of contaminated liquid effluents. Guichard Philippe, Braun Jean Marin, Arth Guy, Guenois Gilles, Weiss Olivier, March 3, 2004: EP1394121-A1

A method of treatment of contaminated liquid effluents collected in one or more processing stations of an installation comprising two phases in the first of which an acid solution is added to the effluents and in the second of which a strongly alkaline solution is added to the water resulting from t ...

Guichard Philippe, Wackermann Guy, Braun Jean Paul: Procede de traitement deffluents liquides contamines ainsi quun dispositif de mise en oeuvre. Guichard Philippe, Braun Jean Paul, Arth Guy, Guenois Gilles, Weiss Olivier, February 6, 2004: FR2843105-A1

La présente invention concerne un nouveau procédé de traitement d'effluents liquides contaminés ainsi qu'un dispositif de mise en oeuvre.Selon un mode de réalisation, ce dispositif comprendra une arrivée d'eau 1, un plan de travail 3 ainsi que des doseurs 2, 6, 11 de solution acide et 8 de solution ...

Jean Claude Guichard, Jean Pierre Schlotterbeck: Dispositif de commande et de gestion de boîte de vitesses automatique.. Guichard Philippe, Schlotterbeck Jean Pierre, November 10, 1994: FR2704809-A1

L'invention concerne un dispositif de contrôle de boîte de vitesse pour véhicule automobile à transmission automatique permettant au conducteur d'agir en temps réel sur le comportement du système de gestion de ladite boîte de manière à optimiser le choix des rapports de transmission; le dispositif u ...


Modular system for forming seats or beds. Guichard Philippe, May 23, 1997: FR2741247-A1

A modular system comprising at least two modules (A, B) each including at least one first element (1) consisting of a first (2) and a second (3) identical foam blocks joined together by a fabric strip (5), the length of the fabric strip (5) being at least double the thickness of one foam block (2, 3 ...

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