James R Holly: Hidden surface processor. GTI Corporation, Morland C Fischer, June 10, 1986: US04594673 (74 worldwide citation)

A high speed hidden surface processor capable of operating in real time and suitable for interaction with a computer-generated imagery or computer graphics system, whereby a realistic three-dimensional scene can be projected on a two-dimensional video display. The scene is formed by one or more poly ...

James R Holly: Linked list search processor. GTI Corporation, Morland C Fischer, December 16, 1986: US04630234 (35 worldwide citation)

A relatively low cost, high speed search processor for efficiently scanning, inserting, and clearing certain data in an ordered linked list of data regarding a plurality of video scan line segments, which segments define mathematical elements (e.g. polygons) and corresponding portions of a three dim ...

Jeffrey D Stein, John M McCool: Hook flash signal actuated telephone control device. GTI Corporation, Fischer Tachner & Strauss, June 7, 1983: US04387274 (22 worldwide citation)

A hook flash actuated telephone control device that is connected into a subscriber's telephone line to permit a user to place an existing call on hold by selectively activating the hook switch of his telephone according to a particular sequence. The control device includes a comparator which senses ...

Hetzer Harry, Cosentino Augustine V: Hose and tubing assembly closures. GTI Corporation, Weingerten Maxham & Schurgin, June 4, 1974: US3814135 (20 worldwide citation)

A closure is provided for hose and tubing end assemblies having a shoulder adjacent one end of the hose or tubing and a rotatable nut bearing on said shoulder to provide a seal on installation, which closure is made up of a cylinder of flexible resin open at one end and closed at the other and adapt ...

William E Swanson: Matrix multiplier with normalized output. GTI Corporation, Morland C Fischer, November 12, 1985: US04553220 (19 worldwide citation)

A matrix multiplier having application to a real time computer-generated imagery or graphics system, wherein the output of the multiplier is normalized to increase both the accuracy and speed by which a three dimensional object can be displayed on a video stream. The output of the matrix multiplier ...

Bennett Kenneth R, Crownover Joseph W: Tuning of encapsulated precision resistor. GTI Corporation, Haefliger William W, August 6, 1974: US3827142 (16 worldwide citation)

A long wave laser beam is controllably passed through a glassy envelope encapsulating an electrical resistor, to alter its resistance to a precision value.

Hetzer Harry: Port protectors. GTI Corporation, May 11, 1971: US3578200 (16 worldwide citation)

A port closure is provided for threaded ports comprising a resilient cylindrical member adapted to slidably fit within said port and having an interrupted thread on the exterior thereof intermediate the ends engaging the threads in said port, a circular end cap covering one end of said cylindrical m ...

Bailey Richard J: Molded shunts for integrated circuits. GTI Corporation, March 7, 1972: US3648108 (14 worldwide citation)

A carrier and conductive shunt structure for preventing static discharge from external sources which would cause damage to the integrated circuit package in the form of a nonconductive carrier having a well adapted to receive an integrated circuit with grooves in the sidewall of the well correspondi ...

Hetzer Harry: Fasteners and closures. GTI Corporation, May 9, 1972: US3661291 (14 worldwide citation)

A fastener and closure is provided for areas surrounding threaded openings comprising a cover member having openings matching said threaded openings, a resilient cylindrical member adapted to slidably fit within said opening and having an interrupted thread on the exterior thereof intermediate the e ...

Crownover Joseph W: Component handler and method and apparatus utilizing same. GTI Corporation, Smyth George F, October 28, 1975: US3915850 (9 worldwide citation)

A component handler usable with a tester which tests components and provides testing signals which are indicative of the results of the test of such components. The component handler includes a holder for holding the components, a programmable ejector for ejecting the components from the holder in a ...