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Contrast and color levels in a color television receiver are automatically varied with ambient light variations by an RC circuit AC coupling an ambient light responsive device to a luminance signal channel and DC coupling the ambient light responsive device to a DC potential source and a chrominance ...

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A broadband (8-18 GHz) radomed horn antenna system comprises a conical horn having broadband slots on the inner surface and a radome having a frusto-conical side wall and a spherically shaped transverse wall inserted into the horn. The radome wall is thin relative to operating wavelength. The radome ...

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An electric incandescent lamp has a refractory metal wire coil in series with the lamp filament in order to limit inrush current to the filament. After a short period of lamp operation, a bimetallic switch shorts out the wire coil.

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A back-lighted display arrangement including a soft, compressible opaque light baffle sandwiched between a lamp assembly and a display panel. The light baffle has a grid-like configuration defining a plurality of compartments each of which is arranged to receive a different one of a plurality of lam ...

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Signal generator for use in testing FM communication receivers including a triggered free-running multivibrator which may be synchronized to operate at a frequency equal to the spacing between adjacent channels of the FM receiver and an audio oscillator. The outputs of the multivibrator and the audi ...

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An electro-optic link for transmitting signals including a length of flexible fiber optic light guide, a light emitting diode (LED), and a photo-diode. One end of the light guide and the LED are mounted in fixed relationship in a first coupling having electrical connector pins for mating with a rece ...

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A ceramic cellular structure having a cell density of up to 1600 cells per square inch and wall thicknesses down to 2 mils is produced by a process which comprises: (1) forming a slurry consisting essentially of finely divided sinterable solid particles of ceramic raw materials and a controlled amou ...

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A high power factor conversion circuit suitable as a ballast circuit for lamps includes a full-wave rectifier coupled to an AC potential source and providing a pulsating DC potential. A high frequency inverter is coupled to a load circuit and to a feedback rectifier circuit supplying a rectified hig ...

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Signal monitoring apparatus in which a baseband signal including noise is compared at timed intervals with a reference signal and an estimated noise signal from an estimated noise signal generator. Indications of whether the estimated noise signal is higher or lower than the noise level present in t ...

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An apparatus for maintaining a vertically-oriented moving strip of thin and flexible metallic material at an established degree of tension in order to prevent deformation of the strip. The apparatus includes first and second series of vertically oriented rollers which extend above the apparatus's mo ...